1. Making people say things that they didn't really say.

  2. Still freaks me out that's where The Beetles came from.

  3. So weird to see these larger towns from a distance. Mind if I ask which town that is?

  4. I'm in Sydney, Australia. Looking NNW. I'm just North of the city.

  5. That's not Sydney that you can see. It's facing away from Sydney city towards a much smaller city called Chatswood.

  6. The face and hands are really lifelike.

  7. It's actually Virgin Blue (Australian Airline).

  8. Any non-torrent versions?

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqKYH-z5wDo&ab_channel=ozmartian

  10. Nooooo the torrent site is blocked in Australia. Is anyone able to link a Google drive version? I would be eternally grateful

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqKYH-z5wDo&ab_channel=ozmartian

  12. Hip musicians with their complicated shoes.

  13. People huff them to get high or use them in whipped cream dispensers. They are in your car so guess what they were used for?

  14. Yeah, I previously found an almost empty baggy in the car so I'm getting a picture of the previous owner.

  15. Does the top pocket of your golf bag have a zipper? Maybe they simply fell out while you were walking.

  16. I think it's unlikely too. I've rewalked all the holes and left my details with the pro shop. You'd think someone would hand them in but so far nothing.

  17. Hopefully it's just the case where someone hasn't found them yet and they turn up for you. Best of luck to ya.

  18. I saw an intoxicated old woman throw hands at a slightly younger one in front of the station as I drove past at about 10pm.

  19. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

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