Do human rights exist in China?

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  1. Birbs, like people. Can be racist, sexist, colorist, that thing is moving and i dont like-ist. Birbs can be jerks. The feeling is mutual though. You arent alone.

  2. Mine is sink trained. Every time he sits in his cage for long periods, i take him to the sink as soon as he comes to me. If i forget though....

  3. Thats so smart! Why dont they just do it in the cage though? 🤣

  4. How do I invest in ruble ao i can sell it when it goes back up?

  5. Put them back in so the parents take care of them. Keep a close eye though. Those babies are a few days old, so parents are taking care old them.

  6. Fake eggs on eBay. Their brains dont know the difference. Once she lays like 2-3 replace the 3 with fake and add 6 more. Should only lay one more and be done. Take away after a few weeks.

  7. Its so nice of companies to post their illegal activity for all to see. And report.

  8. That is a reverse sneeze! Pretty harmless though it can be a little scary for them.

  9. Exactly this. Wait for them to take a breath out of their mouth. Works like a charm for my boy

  10. I had the top neurosurgeon and didnt get options besides the med but it didnt work

  11. If that means on my face that will cause severe pain

  12. Look into it, everything may feel hopeless at the moment. But find a specialist near you. Its not expensive either. Shouldnt be

  13. Thats pathetic. And very sad. I give more snacks to every DSP that drops off packages...

  14. Lies and deceit. Mine loves to push my mouse button or pull tbe ear covers off my headset. Not good gaming buddy.

  15. Whats blows my mind is the people who have to assemble these after getting direct orders to actually make these instead of the real thing... To be a fly on the wall just for entertainment.

  16. Yeah no, I mean, there are pets being killed, after the first pom in HK last year or the one before, but they are not going door to door, and there are amazing groups of people accepting pets from positives to keep the pets until the owner is right. So yeah, fake the exaggeration is fake.

  17. Just saw a video of a bunch of animals, mostly cats, in bags, taken for extermination. Explanation?

  18. You don’t know sarcasm you’re just PUTLERS BITCH

  19. You talking about Putler? I dont recognize the name Putin.

  20. Grew up a Jehovah's Witness, not one anymore. But, never have I ever stood for the pledge. Even as an adult now.

  21. Just another reality that is just very hard to grasp.

  22. Cause it’s BS bro, from the perfect sky clock that never skips a beat to our DNA, we were created by something far more intelligent that we can ever imagine. No way this is random.

  23. Or it all is random happenstance. Some questions will never have an answer and be left up to each individual's imagination on how the answer best matches.

  24. You forgot the part where all of these things were made in China. It will fall apart or break faster than any other product. High Quality materials used in their products.

  25. The hype on this made me believe they were about to announce confirmation of life outside our solar system. This is still cool, but where them aliens at NASA??

  26. Sorry. No aliens. Ever. NASA aint gonna be the ones to confirm that if any are found.

  27. Ive been uitilizing the <3 in chat to disable them.

  28. Oh for real? Havent seen anything. I should expect a 24h in a few days xD its been nice and quiet in chat. Itll be worth the break

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