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  1. I had one and it was fine. We got insurance to cover any fines in case it leaked, I don’t remember how much it was but not much. It’s really not a big deal lol

  2. I thought Americans stopped complaining about this when the NFL changed their rules and ties became more common

  3. He thought he would be the 2.0 version of the Bellarmine guy that did it against Louisville

  4. Yup. And stupid redditors were like "coaches everywhere should show this film to their players" when in reality this is going to happen 80% of the time.

  5. I'm sure I'll get downvoted and I personally think this is a loser move for a basic car, but at the end of the day it looks like there is ton of parking so he's not really hurting anyone. It's sad that a Honda Civic is his baby, let's let him have this one.

  6. I browsed through the comments and dude, you really need to provide the actual information in the main post. Who bought it? And who lives there? We don't even need too many details but you are not providing much at all.

  7. The box score says he had 0 threes made, but your post and the box score show that he has 38 points overall? Only 12 fgm + 7-8 ftm is 31-32 points?

  8. oh wow wtf I had no idea. Do they only get one free throw when they get fouled for most of the game then get two single pointers in the last 3 mins? To speed up the game? Thanks for clarifying, I haven't seen a G league game in years.

  9. I still got love for Buddy even despite the debacle we went through with him, but most of it was due to Walton's garbo-ass coaching lol. He's much more of a King in my eyes than Bagley and his dad were with their open hostility to Sac. Thank God For Life, Health and Strength 🙏🏾💪🏾✊🏾

  10. He was cool at first then ended up annoying. I’m not sure I would have fared much better in that work environment so I tend to agree with you. I’d clap for Buddy’s return but wouldn’t cheer much.

  11. Must not be a good attorney if he's living with paper thin walls.

  12. Eh… quick question: wouldn’t you specify the EXACT paint to use?

  13. They likely did. This is a miscommunication somewhere between the GC and the painter’s assistant.

  14. Trades person here. Our plans often suck huge monkey balls, and you have to wing it. Doing things twice is not cool.

  15. I love it when they send you blueprints and expect a bid same day, then get mad when all the materials are wrong because they changed the plans and nobody told you… Bonus points if they constantly change accountants and you have to explain this predictable situation over and over again

  16. Celts and Warriors are by far the worst announcers. Dominique Wilkins in atlanta and I think Houston are the next worst.

  17. They also said he was hitting the booze hard. Impressive that a drunk college kid managed to snag a hot turkey, get it to his car without anyone noticing and without burning himself.

  18. Well, sure. I think "almost" everyone knew what I meant.

  19. I guess it’s a good thing people forget about San Diego, it’s already expensive enough

  20. This is an AMAZING opportunity. Once a week take a new picture of this sign and replace it, see how long until anyone notices.

  21. That would meet expectations for a rebuilding year. Sick insult lol

  22. Sucks for you. When we rebuild we still make the tournament. Go drink some soda and play with pop rocks, it will loosen the edge

  23. I’m sorry a basketball team defines your life. Be grateful for other things today champ

  24. Please excuse the YouTube thumbnail. I'm listening to calming music to try to help me sleep so I can make the drive. Wanted to see if a bus or train was a viable option instead of driving. .. it is not.

  25. Yes it is viable, it does not take ten hours to get to Eugene from portland. Congrats on the karma though.

  26. How to clean is easy. This is an interesting industry due to the increase in Airbnb's worldwide. Personally I see cleaners charge anywhere from $30-100 an hour. This is obviously not sustainable.

  27. Don't run an airbnb in a country that doesn't give a shit about rights. Goddamn there are some stupid fucking people on here.

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