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  1. I missed humours like this when the comedians didn’t have to insult every race and minority group to make a joke.

  2. I have the 512gb NVMe SSD model, so loading times are pretty good.

  3. How did you get her to throw the peace sign????

  4. If you enter the Photo Mode, under the first option, if you use the D-pad to scroll down you can find “Body Pose” 😁

  5. They missed the chance to have a herd of tall necks together

  6. That’s a brilliant idea. Or make smaller tallnecks for us to ride

  7. Hi, by chance have you solved? I've been in the same situation as you for a couple of days now and I'm going crazy

  8. I took a suggestion here and edited my playlists on a windows PC and that worked perfectly fine for me. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for Apple to fix this shit.

  9. So I was dealing w/ this issue since NOVEMBER. That’s when it first started, shortly after I got my 14” MBPro. I’m constantly adding and updating metadata in my library (I do remixes), so I noticed it immediately after I updated because my workflow was broken.

  10. Yes, I double checked, I have macOS Monterey 12.3.1. Unfortunately, nothing works for me. Until Apple fixes it I doubt there is much more we can do :(

  11. First of all this would be a tutorial for mechanic used one time in the whole game and second of all i personally enjoyed that nothing guides you to the solution in this game.

  12. Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy games with minimum tutorials and tips but only if the game mechanics work well and welcome players to explore and discover how things work with the environment. That escape part in episode 2, it works against what the game taught you so far. For example, when I see a football, I know I can kick it and the game shows you the interactive action prompt to do so; or when I pick up a credit card, I know I can insert it into an atm to withdraw some money.

  13. I think trying to place the chair on the floor doesn't work. You have to target the vent instead and then the chair gets placed on the floor. Sometimes you have to scroll around the screen to locate the choice options. It can be annoying when there's a time limit to respond.

  14. If that’s the case, then it’s either intentional or questionable game design decision. Why do I have to look up to place a chair on the floor… but yeah, I’ll definitely restart a few chapters, wanna 100% it anyway

  15. It will be unlocked later when you progress the story

  16. Thanks! I unlocked it. Still feels a bit annoying that the game map doesn’t acknowledge this

  17. Double the price with zero extra offerings. And all they have to say is basically "trust us, improvements will come". As if Shadow always had a good track record of keeping their promises and delivering.

  18. I believe to get a detailed map you just have to hold down the L button and look on the bottom left. Otherwise, you can hold the - button and do any map stuff there.

  19. can you post a screenshot of exactly where the settings are?

  20. Thanks everyone for the tips and info! I’ll try harder to master this as a Bow User

  21. hate to disappoint you but it's nearly impossible to trigger the ride with a bow, you have to either do aerial damage or rely on the Endemic Life

  22. Use the one that gives you the blue glow. It's a buff. While that buff is active, shoot the monster. Keep doing that until you can ride it.

  23. can you confirm this? i just did a hunt and I hit the bear for half an hour with the Slikbind special buff, nothing happened

  24. read the trophy description carefully, it says "kill or incapacitate 2 enemies"

  25. Depends how much you have built in other regions. You might have to delete some stuff to build there. I got screwed over on my old safehouse because of the mission to build one next to the weather station as it made me delete it to get the free bandwidth.

  26. Ah, you’re right! It’s that safe house!

  27. I think the bandwidth is for the whole region.

  28. Still makes no sense that I only get 240 in total. A small way station would give me at least 1000.

  29. the Cafeteria, Mail Room, Ritual Division, and Central Research helped me finish the countermeasures. Running between those areas tended to respawn enemies. a few times i would just go back to the control point outside the Mail Room and enemies would respawn when i returned to that area. ymmv.

  30. Thanks! I just tried Central Research and Ritual Division, a few back and forth and it's guaranteed to have at least one enemy encounter

  31. the Mail Room has a ton of people. like 10-15 each time that area spawns dudes. try that one!

  32. I agree with you those flying bitches are annoying, especially the one who can summon more Dark Elves. I didn't realise what he was doing and I was like "Will this fight never end???" Btw I'm playing it on the highest difficulty and I regretted it at this point.

  33. A twitch streamer named Lirik is playing it on the hardest difficulty andis still stuck on the dark elves boss died around 180 times .

  34. Also playing it on the highest difficulty, I also died like 80 times or so, as I was about to quit, the game kinda glitched

  35. Can someone tell me when will Android 6 (Marshmallow) come to my Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet? I've seen many many blogs and articles say that it will come to Z series soon. But how soon is it??

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