1. You know I’ve never played them! I’ll grab them tomorrow perhaps 🤔

  2. You dont even have to be a batman fan (but it will turn you into one)! The single player element of it, with a GREAT enviroment to explore itself is what makes it fun! Added on the completist element of wanting to solve every riddle from riddler just to take him down adds hours of gameplay with it!

  3. Never realized it but i gotta check out this other box!

  4. "Do you know ming?? The one who cant get the fucking packages mailed"

  5. I only use it on my volca beats but everything else i treat as an analog keyboard! Its fun to be able to play the sounds as you go!

  6. "Stop staring at my shit.... or why dont you get on your knees and do something about it!"- Sunday Jeff

  7. No need to argue, this character is such a spoiled, entitled brat, the fact he gets to put on a bat suit is beyond me, "next" batman my ass

  8. I feel it too, lcw is my favorite album by them and theu are only touring out west (i live in the south but it makes sense why they would tour the west)

  9. When the doors/snoop mix hits upon main menu im fucking READY

  10. Kev always making the same goddamn expression and pose in every picture has gotten old.

  11. Some of my favorite episodes are the ones from 294-298 that have Git Em in them. It's like a mini arc when he first started at the Stash. I always found them hilarious.

  12. Dont forget to drink your 2 glasses of reccomended wa-

  13. The only thing to complete my collections is baron von bullshit rides again on cd

  14. Murder mystery is totally under rated! Needs a comeback!

  15. Dude tells his story and the stories of all view askiew to many times like its biblical but its like the dude has nothing left to hold himself on

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