1. Gets rid of serosh = prime? He put on Serosh when he became Godfrey. Meaning his true prime was before he put serosh on in the first place

  2. Yeah. So he returns to his prime. He was basically fighting with weights on the whole time. And you defeat him both as godfrey and hoara loux

  3. If he fought as Hoarah Loud the whole time, then that would be his true power the whole fight. He held back in the first half

  4. pw = 123456 i am at the spiritcaller's cave site of grace

  5. thank you so much, will look for your sign

  6. Ahh I'm sorry I can't take it +9, has to be lower. I'll still trade you the sets for the Cragblade tho, if that one's unupgraded.

  7. No more than +3 somber preferably.

  8. Hey. I'll help. iGn is Sol the Vagabond. If this is still open ofc. What's the multiplayer PW?

  9. Ill help. I probably wont win but ill help. IGN is Sol the Vagabond. Whats the PW?

  10. Sign back down. Try to only summon one. Summoning 2 is painting a target on our backs

  11. Mind tagging in? I have a really bad connection to OP.

  12. I've got about 699 lord's runes. Do you have the executioner's greataxe, the envoy's greathorn and the Noble's slender sword?

  13. I can give you +9 of either axe or dragon ( you can decide since I haven’t traded rememberence yet ) if you can give me Millicent’s prothesis.

  14. Yo you uhhhh going to summon me or no 😅?

  15. Think he may have either gone offline or forgot about his post

  16. For me it was manus.when I first fought him, I didn't die once. The second try on NG+ took 3 tries. NG++ took 30

  17. Lydia is a easy to get companion. Not sure how well she would fit with a evil necromancer, But a meat shield is always useful!

  18. She can use scrolls so if you give her necromancy scrolls, she will use them

  19. I have a Coded Sword, will trade for a Giant's Seal or runes?

  20. I cannot and, if you read, muling is not listed as part of the proposed trade anyway.

  21. I'll help. IGN is Sol the Vagabond. Ill leave the sign at the underground roadside grace

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