1. Please consider combining your posts in the future if you're posting multiple pics of the same character. 4 posts within minutes of each other is a little spammy.

  2. Sorry. Each picture is it's own thing and I felt they needed individual attention.

  3. For sure, maybe just space them out a little more next time?

  4. I have Alf pretty fresh in my mind since I watched it all a little over a year ago. There was one episode where he was addicted to eating cotton balls from a bag. You should get or make a tiny plastic bag then roll up tiny cotton balls to put inside. It was a hilarious episode.

  5. That sounds good and shouldn't be too hard to make.

  6. Crap! You just reminded me that he's been home alone with my cat all this time. Luckily my cat's a bit of an a-hole. Lol

  7. As some of you may already know, today is the release date of my first book!

  8. McFarlane is fine but honestly with the NECA Ultimates, it's generally only $15 more and includes similar sculpt quality, way better articulation and appropriate accessories. It's gonna fall down to what can you afford and what types of figures are you looking for. I will say that Genestealer is an excellent figure and made my top 10 for last year.

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