1. Yes, actually. I will update soon. Been going through a lot and busy as all heck. But I will update.

  2. Who's to say that this particular account isn't a pseudonym for my real one, which perhaps happens to be an already successful documentary filmmaker and producer extraordinaire?

  3. Alright my friend. I’m here to give you a personal update. I haven’t gotten much done the last few days. I have been struggling to focus on the house because after this post, I really started to think about everything.

  4. Ok...I only got ONE QUESTION...how does one freeze cheese without it being mushy af after defreezing

  5. It’s Swiss. We literally had to rely on food banks for a time. They provided a boat load of Swiss cheese for some reason so we froze it and just haven’t gotten to it because it’s difficult to deal with blocks of Swiss with out a real kitchen.

  6. Found out our daughter had dimples from her 3D ultrasound. Also found out our son had an expressive face because his 3D ultrasound.

  7. Sounds like me at work and I’m a proctologist. It’s graphic too.

  8. I was thinking who takes the time to do recessed lighting when the walls are plywood

  9. Hate to be the one to break this to you, but if you want more than one penis, you gay

  10. I don’t know. I envision a lifetime of fun tricks like filling two cups at a time. Pissing on both of someone’s shoes at once.

  11. Could’ve at least made it 9”, so you could brag and take a lie detector test successfully.

  12. Remember the butter melts with hot water and solidifies in cold water. I use a metal strainer with a very fine mesh.

  13. I'm more bothered that he's not really playing! I guess milli vanillin really affected me as a kid...

  14. I'm one of the workers who reported the sexual harassment along with a great deal of other employees and I was just fired without cause, even after HR assured me my job was safe and that they take this very seriously. I loved this job. I just wanted to feel safe and protect the younger girls I work with.

  15. We’re only good for about 2 dozen in a year at the Milwaukie location, but we will do our part and no longer support them. I will inform my wife.

  16. I watched that balloon break a lot of brains this past week. Amazing what you can do with a big enough balloon.

  17. In many states a fence on the property line is shared cost/benefit. Should have asked OP, but it COULD be as much his fence as OPs.

  18. So this would make it legal to extend his porch to cantilever over the property line as long as it’s attached to the fence? Probably not.

  19. Obvious strawman argument. It’s 4 bolts. Well within the neighbors rights IF he lives in one of the states where a fence is viewed as shared benefit.

  20. This is so simple to resolve yet you take the most complicated path just to add drama.

  21. Call police. Save it for DNA. That’s literally a federal offense.

  22. Imagine choking on someone's pubes, lol

  23. I offer 12 years of personal daily use at melting walls levels.

  24. And now I will discredit 100% of what you say. You sound ridiculous, man.

  25. Buddy, listen. I don’t need to physically look up in the sky to know for fact, with out doubt, the sun is in the sky.

  26. I imagine there’s gotta be a cop killer in the car. That’s not because of a stolen car. Unless it was the police chief’s car.

  27. Why the hell is quarter sawn white oak cheaper than (what I assume is) flat sawn white oak?

  28. Idk but I have a crap ton of white oak in my basement I would be willing to sell for those prices.

  29. Damn! I’m in the Portland metro area and bought a bunch of 3/4” birch ply full sheets for $90 less than a year ago at Mr. PlyWood. Haven’t looked at prices since.

  30. For some reason, I feel like this whole thing played out something like

  31. On the contrary. If you bring cannabis or cannabis by-products with you to an airport, there's very much a 50/50 chance that it is found. Now whether or not they imprison you or fines or whatever is up to them.

  32. Not sure % work that way. Just because they can either find it or not find it does not equate a 50% chance of finding it.

  33. Since the head and neck of a guitar can be laminated and work great, I think you’ll be in good shape gluing this back together with excellent results, as long as it’s done properly.

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