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  1. "Pretty normal for a not stacked show"

  2. Tuesday/Wednesday: Holy shit, this card is stacked!! Thank you, Tony!

  3. I was expecting the Paw Patrol theme song. No job is too big, no pup is too small...

  4. That number is truly better than expected given what a shit card they put out. There was nothing on there I'd even want to watch off the DVR.

  5. I watched until the Bucks came on then I switched to the Blues Brothers, which I've seen dozens of times, and watched that again instead and after reading the recap, I stand firmly behind that decision.

  6. I saw the card before the show and decided there was nothing I cared about. I'll normally fast forward through it and watch stuff that interests me, but everything is so boring. Open challenges and bangers for no reason. That's why I liked Mox/Hangman enough last week to watch it, because there was a story there.

  7. SCJerk got nominated for "Best Related Subreddit" lol. I wonder if we are going to win?

  8. I don't see how this is biased; it's a factually true statement. It does necessitate that one have a high enough IQ to understand the long-term storytelling, and everyone knows that the fans of the E have to be spoon fed their storylines. WWE fans are either children or adults with the mental capacity of a child. 🎩

  9. "JungleHook" lol. DAE hate when the fed puts two random guys together and makes a team name that is a mash up of their names???

  10. Damn, I was going to file to trademark WWSaudi so I could sell it to the Saudis for millions.

  11. I told people that it’s not a good day to be Tony because now with Saudi money they can out bid aew easily

  12. Outbid them for what exactly? Literally everyone that works for the E is either going to leave or sit out their contracts at home and refuse to work. I don't understand how this is anything but great news for Tony. Just you watch, tomorrow's special Dynamite will get 1.6 million views at least.

  13. They can outbid the wrestler they want and Tony can’t do anything about it

  14. Do you think you could post a guide so that others can also cancel? And can the mods sticky this guide.

  15. Look at the bump for that awesome main event! Darby is a draw confirmed! 🎩

  16. Ill tell you who the real winners are. The fans who decide to watch the Basketball game the bucks vs the hawks.

  17. The only bucks I'm going to be watching next Wednesday are the Young Bucks (best tag team ever) and Kenny Omega (greatest of all time) vs Death Triangle in the finale of the greatest best of seven series in the history of professional wrestling in a muerte de los ratings match.

  18. Lemme guess, the bump in the video wasn’t even close to the finish.

  19. Nope, this match ended with Hardy rolling him up for the pin like 5 minutes after this bump.

  20. Lmao, they deleted the negative comments that were up voted but left the negative comments that had negative karma.

  21. Better than expected all things considered. As Dave said, Spectrum was down last night for 30,000,000 people. If 1% were going to watch last night then that makes the number 1.14 million which would have been a great number. I expect to see around 1.1 million next week because of Winter is Coming.

  22. Please tell me that ROH is still a huge success! 🥺🙏

  23. He'll probably release all the Vince guys/girls

  24. "WWE has come to terms on the release of Roman Reigns, Austin Theory, and Brock Lesnar. We wish them well on their future endeavors." "Tournaments to be held to determine the new UWU and US champions."

  25. Soon to be the face of the ded fed. What an embarrassment! Fuck off traitor.

  26. I would like to see the viewer duration for Dark and Elevation. It's one thing to get 273,000 views on a YouTube live stream, but how many people watch the whole thing and how many turn it off within 5 minutes?

  27. They are hacking the Nielsen boxes to increase the number of viewers! They are trying to rig the ratings war. Sad! I am calling on all true fed shills to reject these ratings (unless they are under a million) and to make their voices heard.

  28. Oh shit, that's actually better than expected all things considered. What happened to your narrative that AEW is having dwindling ticket sales? You have no response of course because you are tribalistic fans who hate the Dub. I can't wait to see what excuses you all come up with after Dynamite gets over a million viewers and is lauded as a success. We told you Tony would bring about a hard reset and it's obvious by these ticket sales that he has. Cry harder, fed shills.

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