1. listen, don't over stress. As long as your AIF is complete, they won't care. Everyone makes mistakes and that's why they have an option to update the AIF. They won't penalize you for amending it as long as you do it before the deadline. You can do anything to your AIF, you don't need to explain yourself.

  2. do u for sure not get penalized for making two amendments because i made 2 small amendments before the deadline and i’m stressing.

  3. The concept of all winners alone makes it top 10 for me. But it’s on the low end because of eoe, fire tokens, and the terrible boot order. Tony is great though, makes the season worth it imo.

  4. Does waterloo CFM and CS look at af marks heavily? Would a 93-94 in AF hurt my chances substantially? I have a 99 in calc

  5. I think my AIF was unique because I wrote about things I don't think any other applicant would write about. AIF will set you apart so take it seriously. I think this, along with my high average (97+) got me in. But start your AIF ASAP (you'll thank me later lol)

  6. i’m a uw based dd. please feel free to pm me if you have questions!

  7. i don’t recall my exact average when i got accepted but i finished with a 93-94%. i had worked a part time job since grade 10 working an average of 30 hours per week, robotics club since grade 9, placed pretty well in some local hs math competitions, and i sprinkled in a little bit of fluff too ngl (like included stuff that was borderline not an ec but oh well). i know my writing skills are very good so i bet the admissions team liked my responses. talked about different clubs and opportunities that uw has for me (not about coop and academic rigour, almost entirely based on activities and clubs in uw). did average on the euclid and fermat math contest too. nothing over the top compared to lots of people on here.

  8. fr?? everyone ik that got in had 98-99 avgs with solid ecs. was ur schools adj factor low?

  9. I practiced by doing the past contests, I got most of the questions there. But when I did the actual thing in grade 10, I got 29/75. The next years I went to Olympiads School for tutor and I got top 20 in Canada in grade 11 and 12.

  10. Strength is always something like the desire to learn, team player, problem solver, etc... problem solver is easy and relates to accounting well. Just make up a scenario where you identified a problem and the steps you took to solve it, bonus points if you throw in a team in your made up scenario.

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