1. True is almost half Khloe size! She's going to be HELLA tall. Model/Athlete Status

  2. He look like the man from the classic Christmas movie cartoon! The blue guy

  3. Be careful what you wish for!! They might throw Khloe to the wolves again

  4. Damnit I missed the good part. Now I’m here with the weirdos and unhinged fans!

  5. Lord have mercy!!! 😂😂What is happening today 😂😂😂😩 what did everyone take this morning!!

  6. Man oh man!! All you can do is chuckle and keep strolling at this point

  7. Manual toothbrush with Sensodyne Toothpaste and Listerine Mouthwash. She is a basic bitch after all.

  8. It’s a serum - Rescue Spa Biologique Placenta. You have to screw on the dropper to the top of the bottle when you unbox.

  9. Are the black bottles behind Cetaphil perfume bottles? It looks like her own perfume in the black bottle. Would be surprised if she actually uses it lol

  10. It does look her own perfume bottles with the k. That’s like very first scent she created.

  11. How crazy Kylie was wearing a similar swimsuit from the Attico a couple weeks ago.

  12. It is weird af!! There is no justification for a stranger to have pictures of someone else’s child stored on their phone.

  13. Sams Club which is owned by The Waltons who owns Walmart and is BFF with Kris Jenner who also has products and stock in Walmarts....Conspiracy theory....Also interesting article on how she got this deal

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