1. It does and you need to work on it with a therapist. I might take time to get over it too. To forgive her or yourself, to look at everything from another angle.

  2. This looks like kindergarten to me honestly. Like among straight couples there aren't any 'roles' but then when it comes to same sex couples it's like a game ?? like, anime characters everywhere and 'I'm this character and I only wear this costume and I'm always, always like this' like, are gays and bisexuals somehow lacking in having multifaceted personalities or like even, like, just being ordinary adults

  3. I don't want to comment about the coworker situation because I don't have enough information but it's such a cool power move from your wife, I think, that she gave you the ultimatum. I've been waiting for women to start doing exactly this for a long time. Yes yes yesss!

  4. ouch! what country are you from? if my current interest doesn't progress - I'll move there

  5. One thing I did to get my head off a girl? I buried myself into a Hobby, and started obsessing over that instead.

  6. Thank you! It's nice to see that someone understands that the energy can't just be destroyed. Every time I miss her I'll try to think that it'll only harm my health and redirect my thoughts.

  7. Yes and no. Nothing will change the fact that they fucked up the show but you can find some consolation if you've been emotionally affected by the show's ending.

  8. Looks very cool, I'd watch it! I wouldn't change anything about this poster and especially - how the girl looks

  9. This is the first Taylor's album I've listened to and I admire her attempts at film directing. She's a great role model! I honestly don't know any very famous woman who has a more powerful and inspiring presence now.

  10. You do realize that you've just written more about yourself than about the fictional character?

  11. She probably had a very bittersweet view of the show before s4 because of the way some people had acted on social media. But I think Big Swiss is her way of coping too. It looks like it has a similar vibe with a toxic wlw obsession and this time, she'll be a producer and she gets to work with Kayleigh Llewellyn. Plus she has the means to hire a top-notch therapist if she needs it

  12. Become a remote private tutor, work online as much as you like. Starts finding clients among people you know, promote yourself, then raise the price once you get good at marketing yourself.

  13. Well, I will watch the whole series, regardless. I mean S4 can’t be as bad as Game of Thrones final season lol

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