1. Commercial vehicles and work vehicles were prone to have manual transmissions for years after they became standard equipment in passenger cars.

  2. As a rule, when I wake from an anesthetic, I am confused for a moment because it seems as though I have been instantaneously transported to a different environment. Perhaps the anesthetist's warning is intended to give me a memory of going under so that I will have that memory to focus on and orient myself.

  3. Correct. You can eat all the spiders you want, they are not poisonous.

  4. I am aware of the terminology but have you actually done the research, or are you assuming that there are no species of spiders that are poisonous?

  5. If it is a sewer fitting, it will be attached to a 'P'trap to prevent sewer gasses from flowing into your house. If so, you need to seal it off because an unused 'P'trap will eventually dry out and fail to seal the gasses away.

  6. One would ask why the down votes. I've answered in my honest opinion and everyone's having a bitch fit over it.

  7. It is for xasting musket balls you use a pot of hot molten lead and you dip into it and close when you remove it you have a mostly perfect ball to use

  8. It’s the same on the other side. Mirror image

  9. I would study the idea of it being a small Japanese pull saw. It is possible that the teeth are pointed back, toward the handle. If so, it is probably such a device. Your photo is non-conclusive.

  10. excellent word, Cantankerous, thank you. lovely to see you and welcome to MikeHunts!

  11. I'm a little afraid to actually join you guys because I have heard rumors that membership here may be visible to ST mods. Better safe than sorry. Thanx for the award!

  12. "Great British pounds" = "pounds of Great Britain."

  13. Not sure that I would call either of them an amphora. Looks more like a local potter is trying to appeal to a different market. I cannot see a purpose for the fluted opening.

  14. ⛏️rocksThis is not an automated response. Whenever I encounter a 'STONER' question. I offer this collection of

  15. Too big to be a 12-gauge shell and they don’t have metal casings. Most likely a C battery

  16. Wow, I have never seen anything like this before. This might be the closest to an answer we will get

  17. Thank you, I will post it on the sub and close it when someone answeres

  18. I have lived a very boring life and never touched weed

  19. I think it would probably wash off

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