1. That's gutting, poor woman. Sounds like a scam a lot of people, including me, could fall for. Thanks for spreading awareness.

  2. Songbird Symphony is the most magical and charming game I've ever played. I fell in love with it immediately. Cute music and characters and a moving story about a little birb trying to find his family.

  3. Incredible games but sadly not on the switch

  4. Songbird Symphony!! A truly wholesome and beautiful platformer and rhythm game. No combat or death so is very chill and low stress, but the rhythm games are quite difficult so there's also a challenge. This became one of my all time favourite games, it's adorable and full of charm.

  5. Welcome! It's been awhile since we've had new exchange students and I hope you have a great time :)

  6. I don't know about diet but Japan is a toilet utopia so you don't have to worry so much being out and about! Free and clean public toilets everywhere.

  7. I haaaate when he raps. I think it ruins song

  8. This seems like a fucked up thing for Coheed to do. The allegations were only against Tillian who was promptly suspended from the band and wouldn't have been on the tour.

  9. While yes it can be funny and obviously other countries have 4 seasons too, Japan does revolve around the seasons in a way that I think makes it special. There is a unique beauty about each one (cherry blossoms and autumn colour tourism) and seasonal food and celebrations. I loved all the strawberries around sakura time etc.

  10. You ever travelled through Asia/Europe? Auckland has A LOT OF public toilets for a major city (Many major cities have 0 of them)

  11. Japan is a toilet utopia. So many clean public toilets everywhere

  12. I asked for a quote from them once. They didn't stop calling me for days. I ended up blocking their number. They seem a bit like the pushy used-car salesmen of the cleaning world.

  13. The same thing happened to me! Had to block them too

  14. I would recommend The Mars Volta especially the album Francis the Mute. I actually think that album inspired Afterburner in a ways with one of the songs being in Spanish. There’s even a song called Multiple Spouse Wounds

  15. Good suggestion, I used to love them and forgot along the way! I'll need to rediscover

  16. Volcano is the greatest fucking movie of all time. I love it so MUCH.

  17. I've been playing this sing on repeat, love the rhythm. Can't wait for them to put out more music!

  18. What can us non-nurses do to help support this? They deserve better pay and working conditions and I'm sure a lot of us want to help.

  19. Monstera Deliciosa but definitely lacking light

  20. Interesting! The lack of splits in the mature leaves made me think it wasn't a monstera. But it turns out low light can cause this. Thanks!

  21. You might like embroidering Painted Buntings. Vibrant colors...

  22. I just googled them, what a cute little rainbow birb! Though I'm going to do some NZ natives next when I get the time

  23. Thanks so much everyone! Pidge is feeling very handsome

  24. Thank you so much! 😊 I worked really hard on it!

  25. I used the free pattern and video guide created by

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