1. I could only WISH I secretly had the cure for cancer but I'm too busy controlling the media mawmah

  2. Let's see how the fandom reacts. I remember when Widow beat the shit out of this guy and these liberal queer people suddenly said things like oh she was just defending her property in accordance with the law. I know I'm changing topics but I'm still bitter about it

  3. It's either gonna blow up like 🍒🥧 or it will be swept under the rug because Shangela's involved in many projects that get people talking positively about her. I fear the broader fandom will act like nothing happened in the sense that "it was a long time ago and he waited until the right time to say anything."

  4. "Just because I'd been practising my " My name is Evah Destruction!" Speech in the mirror since season 3 does not make me PERFORMATIVE"

  5. Mai nwame iz Evah Destwucshun... faw fwock's swake ♡⁠(⁠˃͈⁠ ⁠દ⁠ ⁠˂͈⁠ ⁠༶⁠ ⁠)

  6. My Delta rant for the day- as someone who works in the customer service industry on the phone side of things, what happened to basic phone etiquette? What happened to talking to one person at a time? What happened to not interrupting the person that is answering the question that you just asked? What happened to getting to the goddamn point instead of talking circles for 10 minutes straight? I'm going to lose my mind. \#basicphoneetiquette \#enoughisenough \#ishouldbeallowedtotellcustomerstostfu \#woodenbowl

  7. I pranced gayly through the alleys of Soho on the way back to the office.

  8. one time someone tried using a gif and it didn't work for some reason 🫠 i hope it works out for you though!

  9. Delta completely unfazed by Venus’ ponytail of death is always my fav part of this

  10. for Lea Michelle👦🏼👩🏿‍🦲👦🏼➡️ 👩🏿‍🦲👦🏼

  11. I'd pay to see Maddy send Gioffre home on a lipsync... USVTW or whatever it could happen on 🙏🙏

  12. Literally Streisand effect, she is now gonna get a ton of stalkers looking for this LMAO

  13. It's gonna turn into another proof of the Beaver Effect, i.e. being pinned as the causation for situations you didn't cause.

  14. Hungry made a couple fair points in the thread; it wouldn't hurt to give her a small mention since it was likely inspired by her work. But the whole thread reeks of entitlement and ego, it really isn't as deep as she's making it seem. Just absolutely exhausting

  15. I agree with you, she makes good points, the reason she makes them is exhausting though, like you said

  16. I'm bored so here's how Delta Work and Oceane Aqua Black are related via Lipsyncs

  17. Question for the culture: Is Delta’s they wanna see me go off a reference to this song? I’ve never heard her say it before that. Sorry if I’m a disgrace

  18. Yeah it's her referencing the song, she started doing it at the beginning of Very Delta/in her IG stories and she kinda went AWFF of that

  19. Oh this involved Disney, so Nina West must've been nearby... that could explain why Hungry's feet weren't landing right

  20. Rosè: "Day 281, the shirt finally stands on its own 😍😍😍"

  21. Rosé: "Day 453, the shirt emits little cries, I think my babies can talk now 🤩🤩🥰"

  22. krystal stole hungry's face live and legally . hungry is faceless and needs a new face send twitter for Wii send tweet send tweet fuck its not sending send tweet

  23. That whole rant was honestly so funny, she sounded so pressed in the absolutely best way

  24. It's a joke, Jonbers didn't win.

  25. How the fuck is her mug simultaneously so snatched yet so busted? She’s so mother

  26. She covers the whole spectrum of mugs. Her versatility is unmatched. She is so powerful

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