1. Nothing. As someone who has studied the brain I believe that you are the Electrical signals that run through your brain. Once those stop, you as a person stop existing. But thats just my opinion ofcourse :)

  2. Because it is the one thing that is it's strong suit. Its decentralized. If someone hacks your wallet and steals all your crypto its tough luck, but you cant do anything about it. And once you start implementing laws that govern it it will become centralized and thats the one thing people dont want crypto to be

  3. With a total collapse of civilisation after all digital infrastructure has been destroyed by the first quantum computer

  4. Yeah but really restricted and everything has to be assessed by an ethical committee

  5. Oh. You mean like a full on 'lets put a probe array in your hippocampus, patch you up, and see what's what?' kind of approach?

  6. Yeah just wing it, put some electrodes in some places and see what happens basially

  7. Im looking forward to buy my first house! But i live in the Netherlands so i probably wont be able to buy one in the coming 25 years

  8. Individual water molecules, Yes. Water as a whole, No. Because for something to be "wet" it has to be at least partially covered/surrounded by water.

  9. But when is something water? Because a individual water molecule is so small that it can only be surrounded by molecules. And once a water molecule is surrounded by water molecules its part of the water and not an individual atom right?

  10. It’s water if it’s molecular composition is H2O. If that’s not the composition, then it’s not water. I’m not sure what you’re asking

  11. Im asking whether 1 water molecule can be water. Water is a liquid, gas or solid substance, which needs multiple molecules. 1 water molecule cannot be wet, because then it would need to be surrounded by multiple other water molecules, which makes it part of the water and thus not wet, i think?

  12. Im not afraid of AI, while it remains as a "tool". ChatGPT or Midjourney doesn't scare me. Sonny (From I, Robot) it scares me to hell.

  13. Its gonna remain a 'tool' for a while longer, but it will become a bigger part of our life (Bing integrating chatGPT and Google integrating Bard). I am more scared of quantum computers tbh xD

  14. No worries! If you wanna explore the field of AI more dont hesitate to reach out to me! I've been studying in the field of AI for over 5 years now and I always enjoy a good talk! Enjoy the video

  15. A fly has its taste buds in its feed, so when it walks on a surface its actually tasting that surface

  16. Probably get an insight on why people leave and try to find ways to prevent people from wanting to leave bacause of the reasons they give up when unsubscribing

  17. How often do you reward yourself then? Cuz that's a lot of recyclables

  18. I don’t know ai doesn’t make mistakes but it also could take over the world and make us all slaves

  19. AI does make mistakes tho. Its based on human brain structures, and just like humans, a true AI algorithm won't get everything right

  20. Ai doesn’t make mistakes unless you program it with error for example chatgpt has error if you don’t give a detailed prompt

  21. Okay so Artificial Intelligence is not hardcoded. Artificial Intelligence makes mistakes in certain tasks or when it doesnt know. If you look at an image classification model (For example a model that trained on the MNIST data set) it isnt 100% accurate in identifying the digits. ChatGPT also doesnt know everything, and makes errors sometimes. Especially when you ask whether it can give you academic sources with DOI numbers it really gives a lot of bad sources, or sources that dont exists. But the GPT model is trained to always return the most plausible answer which makes it look like it doesnt makes mistakes or errors.

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