1. Had to look up the 2009 team again. Other than these 11 their squad also included Eric Abidal, Sergio Busquets, Yaya Touré, Thiago, Hleb, Nolito, Pedro, Bojan and Eidur Gudjohnsen.

  2. Literally. People saying he's shit probably can't defend

  3. Idk why he said that because high attacking work rate is always superior for attackers

  4. No, Griezmann will feel way smoother ingame due to his height and bodytype

  5. Gravenberch is back up for a poor Dutch selection. Not a good sign

  6. That's only cause he never plays at Bayern. If he stsyed at Ajax he would fighting for a starting spot in the national team

  7. So why were celebrations like the shush, dab and calma removed when they keep adding even sillier ones every fifa?

  8. Why not just keep the old ones in there? We still have generic stadiums in the game from over a decade ago.

  9. That money is 100% getting intercepted before it reaches them

  10. No bro cmon, you play Smalldini alongside Maldini

  11. headers are in a good place now, fifa 19 was awful, they should do the same for bicycles tbh

  12. I'm not necessarily against manual headers, but when bicycle kicks and volleys are assisted to the max it makes no sense.

  13. Speaking of fifa 19, that game was actually pretty similar to fifa 23 with how op corners and bicycle kicks are

  14. I have read this a lot about him and thought, ok, maybe he is not god tier or something and he costs arround 1.8 million, so he has to be good in some way and it is the legend R9.... but even my RTTF Diaby from the 40k SBC is better. Never got an expansive card like this with zero benefits and cant understand how he can cost that amount of coins.

  15. 100% name and rarity, baby r9 is known to be fraudulent in every fifa. It's like comparing gold Martial to this card.

  16. I would disagree but regardless 91 player being trash back in 2013 ultimate team would still be wack. Pace isn’t and wasn’t the end all be all.

  17. Pace was argueably even more important back then, Ibarbo Doumbia and Gervinho dominated fifa 15 and 75 rated Esswein was a beast in 13

  18. FIFA 21 they released upgrade packs in the summer which included high end Festival Of Football cards like Neymar. They just required 2 or 2 Reds and were repeatable.

  19. Don't see EA releasing those again because they were absolutely cracked.

  20. Mac and Nacho will absolutely be usable even during TOTS

  21. They're the reward for grinding to level 30 though. Nobody who plays that much is going to get any use out of these cards. If you got them for level 15 you'd have a point.

  22. Based on the abysmal TOTY drop rate this year compared to last one, what makes you think you are gonna get any TOTS?

  23. Idk if you've played during Tots before but they are super packable, not even comparable to toty pack weight. Especially the lower rated ones.

  24. Ik vind het standpunt van de minister niet fair, maar we moeten niet vergeten dat dit inherent een asymmetrische aangelegenheid is. De vrouw is in dezen kwetsbaarder omdat de gevolgen van slachtofferschap voor haar ingrijpender kunnen zijn.

  25. Uhhm nee. Mannen kunnen misschien niet zwanger worden, maar ongewenst vaderschap kan je leven ook op zijn kop zetten. Even zwaar straffen.

  26. -5 pace and -3 everywhere else wpuld probably be more realistic, but would love him to be added. He is argueably an icon though, he was a big part of one of the best AC Milan teams ever. He and Dida are the only players from their 2005 starting 11 without an icon card.

  27. Their entire team has pretty much had a card by now 😆

  28. Yeah I have most of them but it remains impossible to get full chemistry with Goretzka, Mbappe, Ramos, TOTY Courtois and my undroppable legends (eusebio and Jairzinho).

  29. Fair enough, that's a good example of the new chemistry system being too restrictive. Last year 2 strong links meant full chemistry pretty much anywhere

  30. Instructions unclear, sold my best prospect to Wolfsburg

  31. Thing with Shearer his card is actually pretty accurate. It just isn't meta.

  32. See this is the thing, you could give Shearer 99 pace and dribbling with 55 but then it wouldn't be Shearer. The real issue is the meta being too narrow. If the game actually represented football where differently playstyles can be effective 89 Shearer would be just as effective in game as 89 Al, but unfortunately pace and dribbling are still king

  33. Yh I remember seeing people say this about the 92 compared to the gold but the 92 is noticeably more irritating

  34. No, people with the 92 just tend to be better at the game. Anyone can buy some points and get the gold. Not everyone had the time or fodder to grind the SBC.

  35. Balogun would be very cool, and appreciated, although he has a card in the season progress.

  36. Why would you care how many coins someone else has

  37. Bro this card is still bad value even with the upgrade but grats on the win

  38. Who was still rocking the ps2 in 2011? 😂

  39. Me. Only upgraded it to ps3 in 2012 then PS4 in 2016

  40. I tried this before but the gameplay just feels too outdated, rather not ruin the good memories of it

  41. Got downvoted yesterday for saying Elliot +2…

  42. The thing us even with a +2 that card looks so mid, Weghorst was simple much better value.

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