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  1. Bc abhi abhi utha hu, 8 bj rhe hai, ye kya dikha diya

  2. Yes, there is a rule. It's called integration

  3. "Unlike luffy, eren just wants to achieve freedom"

  4. I analyzed the image and this is what I see. Open an appropriate link below and explore the position yourself or with the engine:

  5. Top 6 geniuses in anime Light Lawliet(let see if you know him) Yang Wenli Kaiser Rienhard Von Lohengramm And the biggest one is already up there

  6. https://giphy.com/gifs/jDTRq73MNUeN1F6JCQ

  7. Everything is pay to lose if you're creative enough

  8. For giving it to a child without a ball? How is that being a Chad? All the girls already had balls from that game

  9. You have no idea what 'chad' means, do you?

  10. Tbh it kinda amazes me how many people are still around that are willing to die to defend the way he draws all female characters

  11. Pehle necrophilia try kar lo.. Easy and faster alternative

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