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  1. Nah just predicting, but now I’m thinking even earlier since they’re already working on new material

  2. Hope they play this march 11th. They were u real opening for iprevail. Gonna be even better as the headliner

  3. If you know you’re way around it you can get 2 endings a night, it’s a very short game

  4. When I was little I’d watch my mom play silent hill 3 a lot, I’d think way too much about the subway section with the insane cancers and dogs and it’d definitely influence my dreams

  5. Yeah don’t come to Massachusetts the death metal scene here isn’t thriving or anything

  6. They’ll be alright, I love his cleans, just look at the last ten seconds of life

  7. With vulvodynia, viscera, and to the grave being arguably my top 3 bands… so gutted today

  8. Right? Made me realize what under appreciated gems fireside and secret sun are

  9. Spite and wage war may 12, beartooth trivium and malevolence may 13..okay!!

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