1. Do you know what weight we should strive for? We have one of those food weighing scales that we used when dieting!

  2. We don’t really use weight to tell obesity, use body condition instead. This commenter gave great advice, you’ll know if fat starts overflowing above her eyes if they’re overweight or not

  3. I agree with the other commenter, this is dangerous!!! Must be so much soap residue in a shower, not to mention shampoos and oily conditioners I don’t think this is smart to have him able to touch the floor

  4. I’d get rid of the CHE, 67 is fine if it’s winter and that’s the lowest it will ever go, they can go down to 65 and a temp drop is healthy at night. My plants do great in my bioactive with just a tube UVB and heat. I personally think they grow even better with uvb vs a grow light, aren’t grow lights just glorified leds anyways?

  5. I’ve tried crickets,super worms, and dubias and she won’t budge but she’s eating whenever I leave crickets in her tank bc I find her poops all around her tank threw out the week

  6. If you’re finding poops multiple times a week I recommend a vet look at them. Pacmans shouldn’t be pooping that much it usually takes months for them to leave a log, weekly at the absolute quickest

  7. I can see those bones on my whites, and he’s always fat and healthy. Just the way tree frog bodies are built imo

  8. Body condition in the first pic does not look normal. If you give him a bath and he’s still closing his eyes I’d definitely recommend a vet look at him

  9. When mine was little I took him out to feed in separate enclosure. Now I just put a plate down in his tank once he got around 9 months

  10. Well i'm sure they don't live for so long, is she 10yrs? Maybe it is just time to go.

  11. Lol that’s how you can tell this person doesn’t own a WTF. Mine literally sleeps all day then goes and sits on his mushroom perch at night. He has a whole 50gal jungle gym to explore but he just chills on the mushroom waiting for food.. he has every luxury and has never once shown restlessness or a want to escape captivity, they love chilling and don’t know where they are half the time lol. Seems they love being “encaged”

  12. I've been going off 70 to 80 ideal, with 60 being okay but could be better, but honestly idk I might be worrying over nothing

  13. What’s her species? If it’s cranwelli they live in dryer, more grassland like areas and would probably prefer 60-70% compared to a species like cornuta which I would worry about keeping 80%. And her being dry when you dig them up has more to do with your soil wetness than ambient humidity, try pouring some water into the substrate and mixing

  14. oh okay i’ll try get him a new light here soon. and how come no lights at night? i never knew this. (please don’t get angry with me for not knowing, i’m still learning and trying to help my frog have a better life)

  15. No lights at night because it disturbs their circadian rhythm, if your tank gets colder than 65degrees Fahrenheit then you can use a ceramic heat emitter or a deep heat projector at night,(both produce no light) but it’s healthy to have a drop in temp between day and nighttime!, sorry that other commenter wasn’t very helpful

  16. Yes, but you shouldn’t solely use that, give fresh veggie/scraps from your normal food waste, then sprinkle this on top for a complete diet

  17. Got it. I had put some chick bones in their one time and the pieces had enough weight to smush several of the hoppers.

  18. That’s good to see someone with empathy for them. I only give you the advice out of empathy and concern for your frogs, but crickets too are a living thing, and get way too much hate, from my girlfriend included.

  19. You can barely see, but there’s large aquarium rocks in the bottom so he cant sink and is able to climb out easily

  20. Ohh yeah I couldn’t see, I’ll take your word for it, I just got concerned cause I know how bad at swimming they are lol, sorry

  21. Also have you ever seen a Pac swim? I wouldn’t necessarily call it swimming😂

  22. Yeah I think I’ve seen one video where they had them in a sink or something definitely very unnatural and stressful, but a bit funny. But nah you’re good we just both want herb to be fine 😂 good that you tested he’s looking a little short in this pic lmao

  23. Just fyi, doesn’t matter the gender if you want to get them a friend! They won’t breed without specific conditions breeders use

  24. Ah alright, I just know usually 2 males of an animal shouldn't be kept together so was worried for a sec

  25. I’ve only heard that with fish, that’s actually a myth with reptiles and amphibians usually by people trying to justify cohabiting by saying “oh well it’s fine if it’s male female just males are aggressive”, as long as you can cohab the species dw you’re fine!

  26. Other way around, calcium with vitd3 daily if you have no uvb, and a multivitamin weekly, reptivite works good but could possibly od on vitamins if fed daily

  27. Sleeping on bottom, combined with lethargy, combined with less of an appetite is a big sign of sickness. Sleeping on the bottom by itself is either a sign of low humidity or because they just feel like it, normal

  28. I just got them today. So I don’t know he was sleeping on top the whole day and I found Him right outside his waterbowl they haven’t ate yet since I haven’t had them for a full day and they aren’t lethargic

  29. Could be stress/adjustment period then, no way to know without knowing their behavior, just monitor like normal and double check humidity

  30. :o Wait; What?! You bought Five crickets? I mean seriously; Are you serious?

  31. Uhhh what? Are you laughing bc that’s a tiny amount of crickets or at them not breeding crickets? I keep track of how many insects my frogs eat down to the number

  32. Jeez. No! I was just rather amazed that people could even Buy single crickets these days. Hadn't I made it clear enough, I was in no way laughing at the OP. It's just the Concept.

  33. Oh yeah I get you now thanks to the cig analogy, I agree. This dude must be going to the pet store like everyday. And yeah I get 50 cricks for like $1, I can’t imagine how you’d price 5, 5 cents? And op says crickets are the only thing his toad can eat cause of his size, but then says 5 crickets lasts him 2 weeks?? If you keep tiny crickets for 2 weeks they’re gonna get huge, even a week is a noticeable difference, plus he says he’s on a budget, getting more at one time would definitely be more cost effective and his toad would be way less hungry

  34. Woahh a brown and bright yellow, I’ve never seen one with those colors before, beautiful!

  35. She’s two years old. Eating well not lethargic. There are no heat elements in their enclosure.

  36. If thats their enclosure in the background then It’s the wrong type, you need an aboreal tank. All these guys want to do is climb, horizontal space won’t really benefit them. This could be why he has nose rub, trying really hard to climb higher than 18 inches :( also no heat elements? You better keep the room at like 80-82 degrees then..

  37. Hold on you have a uva, a heat mat, and a che all on a ten gallon? Ditch the heat pad, and unless your room gets below 66 degrees Fahrenheit and night you don’t need the ceramic heat emitter. Uva meaning a regular heat bulb I’m assuming, that could held with humidity, the che will dry your substrate out during the night

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