1. Very well said! I think this is a near perfect breakdown of Silco’s motivations and actions throughout the show. For the paragraphs regarding Jinx, I only have one thing to say; “Is there anything so undoing as a daughter?”

  2. A dandelion! Mushct be the lascht one of the scheason

  3. I’m currently working on a futuristic dystopian mid fantasy with a mix of cyberpunk and steampunk aesthetic. It follows a renowned assassin/gangster as she seeks revenge for the death of her sister, becoming the mentor figure to a misguided young man along the way, who encourages her to start on the path to becoming a better person. Title: Curse of Black Brambles

  4. I think it looks very good! I believe one of the main reasons you think it’s off is because of the sort of flat perspective. I recommend looking up tutorials on YouTube of how to work with horizon lines and vanishing points to make this kind of work easier. :D

  5. I like how her hair in human form is shaped like a fish. Very creative shape

  6. Thank you! Her features are intentionally strong and sharp, and I tried to keep her neck somewhat thin while still adhering to somewhat realistic proportions. She does have eyelashes, if you look closely. It’s a bit hard to communicate that from a side perspective without making her look like she has eyeliner.

  7. Awww, but im also going to have to give this a ‘fuck’ and ‘no’

  8. Good but I wouldn’t call it anatomy. There was some great work on the folds, I always do poorly on them then add in too many to compensate.

  9. Indeed. I would call it leg structure over leg anatomy. You should’ve seen what the pants looked like before I removed all the excess wrinkles/folds lol

  10. That’s really good! I especially like the pose, perspective, and the way you drew porcupine

  11. Got a weird getting it from behind vibe here. Nice style though. Really like the effects and you captured the characters well.

  12. All men or boys over 12 should stay at least 3 meters from any female under 18, unless they're related—and even then. They should not speak to them, look at them, or get in their way. The only exceptions are if there is woman 24 or older who monitors the the man, girl, or both.

  13. Love means respecting consent. Animals and children can't consent.

  14. Um, no. Biology shouldn't determine when a woman should marry. Emotional maturity and readiness to commit should.

  15. oh my god his poor girlfriend. you gotta throw the whole man out at this point

  16. I wish I had not read that with my own two eyes. Is there a way to disinfect your eyeballs?

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