1. Absolutely perfect? Ned Stark (it would be a flashback with ToJ but imagine your reaction if you his name at the beginning of the first chapter)

  2. Technically, Tyrion and Jaime simply came to that conclusion. It’s not “confirmed” through incontrovertible proof. However, the explanation really doesn’t make sense if you think about it critically at all. Why did he pay with an easily-recognizable Valyrian Steel dagger? How did he even get that dagger? Where did he even find this assassin? Joffrey certainly has it in him to order a hit on a child, but I simply cannot believe he orchestrated the whole thing himself. I don’t disagree that he could have been involved, but I sincerely doubt that’s the end of the story.

  3. As I said, I think he wants us to think this matter solved and settled for the time being. The mystery was posed like a decade before that, so this reminds us as well that there's even a mystery in the first place.

  4. If Catspaw is a Faceless Man then this guy deserves his guild's Worst Assasin of The Century award

  5. He probably would go "yeah whatever I cheated on her too" and just make Stannis or Edric his heir

  6. Lightning did win by beating the shit out of Cameron with a wooden leg, that's honestly more deserving

  7. Meanwhile Cameron build fucking Iron Man armor out of trash, that's honestly more deserving

  8. I’m currently reading ASOIAF for 3rd time and found out I completely missed Renly’s plot to make Robert marry Margaery

  9. Then maybe Faegon on the throne would be easier to manipulate than Robert or Joffrey and more fitting for his end goal

  10. Didn't they also mentioned that no Westerosian seen Asshai, even tho both Corlys Velaryon and Marywn exist?

  11. Yes. In The World of Ice and Fire, Corlys never went to Asshai, and turned back at Yi Ti (in fact, I think there's a vague inference he turned back at Yi Ti because his treasure fleet was full and there was no reason to press on). In Fire & Blood, George retconned it that Corlys did press on to Asshai and saw what might have been the Sun Chaser there.

  12. AWOIAF is cannonicaly finished during Joffrey’s reign, by that time Marwyn should already be back

  13. The fact that he killed a huge-ass boar with a Warhammer, while out of shape and drunk as a skunk is pretty impressive.

  14. People meme him for being failure as a king, forgetting he was one of the greatest warriors in Westeros of his time

  15. It isn’t a meme, he was 100% trash as a king. Being an amazing warrior in his prime doesn’t change that.

  16. Counterargument: If she was wearing them, Murata would show them visible already. Beacuse it's Murata we're talking about

  17. It's again the same counteragument of Dany foreshadowing Mad Queen in earlier season "But she burned those guys!"Those weren't innocent and even if they were, this and other situations make her ruthless at worst, like Tywin, not insane, like Aerys

  18. So I just finished GOT a few months ago and I already accepted the ending as it is but the ending recently sunk in and I actually like how dark the show ended with no one really winning and Jons arc went back to square one instead of some typical hAiLthEKiNg thing, which also woulda been cool to see but this way was kinda realistic in a way, I dunno I'm kinda satisfied but craving for more, I also like the ending shot with the music, gives me chills

  19. Plot twist: Tyrion dies after 5 chapters in Winds and this is his arc who’s finished

  20. Just curious, what makes for you 8x04 worse than, for example, other s8 episodes?

  21. Mine is related to the bloodlines thing, but not exactly the same. GRRM understands Mendelian genetics to a point, but he doesn't seem to get the dynamics of it. That, "black of hair... black of hair..." bit is extremely unlikely. For every generation, the probability that they get a gene from their ancestor is halved.

  22. I'm pretty sure GRRM claimed that genetics not necessarily works the same the way as in real word, Valyrian and Stark houses have just stronger genes

  23. Yuck. Plus it is silly because Neds children mostly look like Cat. Jon looks like a Stark. Rhanera's children looked wrong too.

  24. I mean, it’s not always the case, you’re right, but the genes were strong enough to survivr all these years

  25. Ned seems like the type of guy who would care about hapiness of his children more than political advantages, so I decided to go mostly with candidates of fitting ages

  26. Not enough „screentime” — Oberyn Martell & Olenna Tyrell

  27. Why Dany? I don’t recall there ever being an explanation on why Drogo chose to marry her.

  28. I understand it now thanks to Reddit/the wiki etc, but I remember being so confused by the whole Reek thing at the time. I actually read some of those chapters two or three times and still didn’t fully grasp what was going on until I checked online. TBH though, I consider it a really good storytelling technique, as I imagine everyone in Winterfell was just as confused as me!

  29. I kinda wished that Theon would never refer to himself as his own name until this moment:

  30. Out of 5 main characters, 3 of them -- Tyrion, Arya and Jon -- got most chapters in one of the books (ACOK, ASOS and ADWD, respectively), that leaves us with Bran and Dany,

  31. I mean, they were always one of the main characters, Dany have the 4th most amount of chapters in first five books

  32. Season 4 is overall the best season, but I'd say Felina is perfect ending

  33. The funniest thing gonna be the fact she's actually Metallica Fans as well lmao. She've been drawing Ride The Lightning and Kill Em All covers earlier.

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