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  1. Women are generally hypergamus by nature and want husbands that are more educated, are taller, make more money than them etc. You can keep your current job but you risk your wife losing attraction if you don't "keep ahead".

  2. I think there was a John Oliver piece that claimed it was the sports drink industry. It's a little more subtle than making up a study that concludes you need to drink 8 bottles of Gatorade per day.

  3. He bet short at the top and now I bet he’s getting ready to close for massive profits. This will also cause a lot of buy pressure. Could spark the fuse

  4. Also he says he wants to marry his next partner but won’t even give me a chance or says he’s not ready for a relationship… what does that say to you?

  5. "No ready for a relationship" is code for "I want a relationship someone but not with you". Sorry.

  6. Thank you! I really don't want to spend $2k plus just to make the stereo better.

  7. Yes it was a significant and noticeable improvement. It doesn't sound muddy anymore. It's low hanging fruit in terms of the amount of work & cost for the amount of improvement it makes. You'll understand why when you remove the stock speakers, they're basically made of paper.

  8. Of course! Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions along the way.

  9. Always wore earplugs, never listened to loud music, never went to concerts, and had remarkable hearing my whole life. Got tinnitus anyway. Yay aging and genetics.

  10. It's possible to hold the min the name of a company

  11. The stuff on amazon can be hit or miss, they'll sell anything whether it's high quality or low quality. Buyer beware.

  12. Thanks again. They came in today and I installed them but had to wait till dark to see how they looked. They’re like two damn headlights in back now!

  13. If you're youngold enough to be drafted, you're youngold enough to vote.

  14. military drills with south korea by the border. not that it's anything new, N Korea just likes to get upset

  15. The US would probably be upset if North Korea were conducting military exercises on its border, too.

  16. One quarter of positive earnings can be dismissed by the critics. But once they get to 4 quarters of profitability, in a recession no less? Game over.

  17. This. I mean all the while people have been trying to find a faster path to MOASS, but this is the only guaranteed way.

  18. It's bad when you have welfare systems built as pyramid schemes. You need to keep expanding the base of the pyramid with more and more workers to pay for the benefits of people on the ever-expanding welfare system.

  19. Very bad things happen to people's mood etc when they don't get enough sleep. It's a very serious issue as you know.

  20. Russia recently retrofitted their Black Sea flagship “Moskva” into a submarine with ease, so don’t count them out. Who knows how many ships they have down there?

  21. It was all a ploy. The Russians just want you to think the Moskva was sunk, when in fact it learned how to turn into a submarine after watching Transformers. Now they have a new nuclear-capable submarine that the West knows nothing about!

  22. He's smart in domain-specific areas, but history is full of people like him who mistakenly think their intelligence in one area will transfer to another. It's really quite unfortunate for all involved.

  23. These aren’t kids. He is a 30 year old man who knows right from wrong. He chose to be a crook. I really wish people would stop infantilizing grown men that do criminal things. They never do it to minorities. When a minority is a 13 year old they try and make them into a 30 year old man but when a 30 year old white man commits a crime then now he is just a kid. Please stop this.

  24. Agree they're not kids, but there's a reason the age limit for POTUS is 35. With age comes wisdom, especially when it comes to risk management and less-frequent events, like a crazy Fed pumping so much liquidity in the market that venture capitalists were flush with cash and pouring money into crazy ventures like FTX.

  25. These posts just encourage people to buy call options, it's not helping.

  26. I hope she wasn't expecting kids, cause SBF probably has his sperm tokenized on a 1:1 ratio

  27. Plus, loaning the same kid out to multiple parents at the same time won't end well.


  29. Most relationships can work out if both partners adopt the right framework/attitude about working through challenges together and a commitment to self-improvement. It's encouraging to see that happen - best of luck OP!

  30. BTW how would this fix scalping? Scalpers would just buy the tickets into brand new accounts and then sell the keys to the accounts - no transfers. They might even mint NFTs representing the account keys, allow them to be traded, and then give the keys to whoever has the NFT on a certain date. Using blockchain doesn't prevent scalping - it makes scalping more efficient because the entire NFT infrastructure gets to help scalpers

  31. That's a great point, and I think you're probably right.

  32. Yep. We're just early. Heck, you and I probably have the knowhow and can just make the next big ticket seller today. We can call it NOT Ticket Master.

  33. So many red flags, with pretty much everything. There's nothing about this that's ok. I see you really trying to rationalize and give him the benefit of the doubt here, but you're only going to end up hurt. He's obviously into her and wants to have it both ways. She might not be "his type" for a LTR, but certainly is for a bit of fun.

  34. Definitely into monogamous relationships. I hear what you all are saying, I’m just going to have to talk to him about it. I’m sure he’ll just want to explain his way out of it. I’ll hear him out and then I’ll just have to make a decision and stick with it. I’ve left before and he or I come back and we get back together.

  35. Yeah - boundaries are important. It can be repaired if you're very clear about acceptable behavior you'll tolerate and unacceptable. Ex: girl spending the night alone at his apartment should pretty much be unacceptable unless it's a blood relative. Then he can make his choice.

  36. Or he was just legitimately mistaken.

  37. Yes totally fair. However he's still responsible for the things he says, whether or not he was mislead.

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