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  1. It’s fine. I do exactly what you do, been doing it for years and it hasn’t failed me yet. Everyone’s got their own system that works for them, and there’s no right or wrong answer. As long as it works for you.

  2. With the plethora of coffee options in Washington I don’t understand why anyone still goes to Starbucks.

  3. Because Starbucks doesn’t sell coffee, they sell sugar.

  4. Not many other places will appreciate this, so I’m sharing here.

  5. Pretty crap…. Anywhere from 17.5-20 mostly highway depending on the hills

  6. I'm a new mom and am going to give differing advice from others here

  7. Exactly. The whole idea of not telling people “too soon” is rooted in our society’s vilification of deep emotions, especially those of pain and sorrow.

  8. Adjust valves, replace all spark plugs, clean out VTEC solenoid and give the solenoid’s electrical connectors a cleaning and some dielectric grease on the insides of the plugs as well as gasket maker on the outsides where the wires go into the back sides of the plugs.

  9. I would love to see more! Got an Instagram or anything where you’ve already documented? Especially the USB pump!

  10. So cool! I wish I could make time for a trip like this.

  11. I absolutely love it. Hard to put it in words. You just take the best of the hotel world and the best of the camping world and merge it.

  12. Basically what it sounds like. Hitting bumps or ruts causes the car to steer itself when your suspension geometry is off. Tie rods, control arms (if adjustable) and other areas will need to be realigned after a vehicle is lifted or lowered, or you’re gonna get excessive wear and bump steer, due to the change in radii of the traveling arcs of all the components.

  13. Interesting. Mine is lifted 2 inches. Had everything replaced at the time too. Mine does steer a bit if I am accelerating hard when I hit a bump, but I wonder if that’s been because of an issue I have yet to figure out.

  14. Maybe you need adjustable sway bar end links

  15. Maybe. It pulled slightly to the right before my lift and full suspension refresh. Still does. So that worries me. 😆

  16. So tired of these posts. Why is there not a stickie about cat theft and resources for folks?

  17. They don't bother me. Sometimes it's nice to commiserate with people who know your pain. Happened to me last year and the first thing I did was came here. People were cool and supportive and helped me save some money.

  18. My wife and I have seriously considered this as well. We’ve even talked about finding some folks in Nordic countries to adopt us by marriage.

  19. I was recently having this conundrum. @elementoverlander on Instagram has the most photos of their bench setup. They did confirm the seat fits in passenger mode.

  20. After looking at their website again I think the other issue is going to be that their lead time is about a full year.

  21. That’s definitely something you’d have to come to terms with. You might as well build your own for less than 1/4 the cost and time.

  22. Yeah I'm just going to point them all the way up or down or something, funnily enough I absolutely hate blowing air on my face so it works out really.

  23. You should find some to 3D print a diverted for the vents.

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