1. Have you guys had any luck fixing it, im having the problem and when I launch it in desktop mode it just has a black box open and nothing happening

  2. I have not. Gave up, I have plenty of gams that work perfectly for me. What's baffling is it cleary works for some, and even my friends. I'm clearly doing somethign wrong but can't figure it out.

  3. Where did you get that actual photograph of Ronda?

  4. It is absolutely not for everyone, but if you click with Death Stranding, you won’t put it down. So many structures I wanna build and routes I wanna streamline, not to mention raising my bond with each of the settlements…getting carried away sorry lmao. So yeah, that one

  5. Great choice. Respect.

  6. That's too bad, I have zero issues running the Steam version.

  7. What proton you running on that steam version?

  8. I play about 20-40 a week, I'm married and have 2 small children. Most of my gaming is done in the dark of night, when others are sleeping (and when I should be).

  9. Get yourself a jersey frame! As cheesy as it sounds, I've got them for my most cherished concert Ts.

  10. Anyone else remember the trailer for Revelations they showed after Matrix Reloaded? That shit blew my mind.

  11. This is the second post I've seen about this, I too have them.

  12. It wasnt just Among us, I also got cards for Dead by Daylight too

  13. Ahh. Okay. It’s weird though I can’t find Tactics Ogre on Steam

  14. Strange. I just double checked and it's there for me, I'm in the US.

  15. Strange! The Reborn game is here but not the original. I’m in Canada

  16. Reborn is the only version on Steam.

  17. Speaking of Mike Pompeo and Kim Jong Un, remember that time when the President of the United States was genuinely concerned with whether or not his Secretary of State was personally delivering an Elton John CD to the North Korean dictator? But hey, both sides are the same, right?

  18. Wait... I stay pretty tuned into politics (if this can even be called that), but I must have missed this... Wut?

  19. Also can you explain? What are those “likes” symbol that flashes around the way?

  20. The emails, and info in the menu is your friend. It's encyclopedic levels.

  21. It feels like there is always an Alien game in development. Too bad they're never as good as the film, with the exception of Isolation, and even that one drags at points.

  22. This is one of my favorite quick reviews of the game. Relatively spoiler free, humorous, yet the summary at the end is very well put and touching even. I genuinely think this can sell the game to someone.

  23. Every time I see a PIckle Green tomato post I get so sad remembering the now gone Bubbies Pickles Green Tomtos. RIP. These look great BTW

  24. I have a pretty cheap HOTAS I use for Elite Dangerous once a year when I boot it up (I only ever do basic exploration), and occasionally I'll whip it out for Squadrons. And it's so difficult for me to actually effectively fly using it. At a point I say, I'm just trying a real airplane at this point lol

  25. Official Brand New brand Limousine.

  26. I think if Elden Ring wins the GOTY consensus it'll be the only GOTY ever released in February. Interesting, kinda...

  27. Horizon Zero Dawn was released in February. The very last day of February, but still ... February.

  28. Wow! Good catch! Totally spaced it.but it was not GOTY. That year was clearly Breath of the Wild. Although Horizon is GOTY quality for sure, even though I did not care for it.

  29. Can't wait! As an Iowan I'm excited that you have hope for a decent candidate. And jealous.

  30. I have been so proud of my state the last two elections, I've lived here for over 30 years, my wife is an educator, I work at a school as well, we have two small children and my family owns businesses here. It's home, and for the first time in my life I'm incredibly proud and looking forward to the future.

  31. I guess the difference between those who love the game and people who think it's overrated (myself included) is whether you think the game is a "little" pretentious, heavy handed, and cringeworthy, or whether those adjectives describe the entirety of the game.

  32. Sure. No game is for everyone, I didn't even say it was a little pretentious, it's overwhelmingly pretentious for most probably haha, but I love that. So many games are so similar, even classic CRPGs like this are more similar than different. But this one just stands out.

  33. At the risk of needing to go back too many times. I'd like to find a good guide to help clean up as many achievements as possible but haven't found a good one yet.

  34. Following a guide is difficult as well as you have to mimic the actions in the videos etc, very stressful stuff 😅

  35. Ive been doing it on my Deck, and the built in guide integration is so helpful. Still stressfully though haha

  36. How did you do the steps challenges? Did you follow a guide? I was trying to, it's one of the last trophies I need, and I still found it really difficult.

  37. Does it have to be a surprise? It might be worth talking to him, since there are some considerations, like whether he has the technical ability and is willing to open the device, he could upgrade the storage - if he doesn't have that knowledge, he might not want the 64gb version. This seems like it might be better as a discussion, and he may even want to pay part and go for the most expensive one. Just a thought.

  38. As a 30 something with 2 kids (I get no surprises ever lol), getting a surprise gift of this level would honestly be so amazing. A memory I wouldn't forget.

  39. I have the 512. Is it worth it just for the features alone? I'd say no. But I don't regret buying it.

  40. Lol never played that either. I’ll have to watch some reviews.

  41. It's a Japanese strategy game with tons of dialogue related to politics and war. Have you played any tactical RPGs?

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