1. Another possibility is that it could be a rolling stenographers table.

  2. I don't know why you're getting downvoted. If the downvoters actually clicked your link and looked at the pictures, they would see that you are correct, the model you linked to looks exactly like the one the OP posted. What looks like a microphone isn't one, it's the bar that goes over the ear to hold it in place.

  3. It all depends where you are from. Everyone has some sort of an accent. We just don't recognize our own as an accent. As an example, we American say the Brits have an accent. The Brits say us Americans have an accents. It's all relative.

  4. Except this isn't really true whatsoever. There's a super easy way to tell who actually has an accent...You will never hear someone say they can't understand your Connecticut accent for a reason.

  5. Just because someone can understand you doesn't mean you don't have an accent.

  6. Can you post a link to one of the memes you're talking about?

  7. This doesn’t seem like the right type of graphics, it’s close but not quite, I’ll look through the other games in the series though. I was watching some gameplay on YouTube and the voices of the ‘movement’ of the vehicles seems familiar.

  8. Looks like a scarab I have a few a family member brought me back when there went to Egypt. Only mine are different stones blue. Blackish Grey and sand stone

  9. This is pretty much the answer. The one the OP has pictured is most likely made from black onyx.

  10. Once a car is 20 years old, the biyearly tax should be pretty low, like 17 dollars. Sometimes 2 old cars are better and cheaper than one newer one.

  11. To get the taxes that low on a 20 year old car, you have to register it with Classic plates, which caps the assessed value at $500. If you don't go Classic, then the town assesses the car based on current book value.

  12. Not entirely true. I have two older cars - one a 1998 and the other a 1995. I don’t have them registered w DMV as classics. There is a special form at my towns tax office that I completed attaching a photo and the town then assesses the lower tax rate. I just paid $17.63 each for them.

  13. That's good. I don't think my town has that option. However, that still doesn't mean that everyone in the state will get lower taxes on a 20+ year old car automatically.

  14. Possibly an ancient Roman votive wine amphora that looks similar to

  15. It's some sort of Buddha amulet from Thailand, according to

  16. Tips for a electronic stylus and the tool for replacing them.

  17. It does look like an adjusting wheel from ratcheting crimpers, or possibly ratcheting pruning shears.

  18. I checked my ratcheting pruning shears. Not it. But thanks for the suggestion.

  19. No problem. With the D-bore and not having teeth around the whole circumference, it does look like some sort of adjustment wheel. The trick is figuring out what it came off of.

  20. It looks as if it could have been a gravel screening drum. The material would go in the end with the smaller holes in the screen, and the finer dirt and stones would filter out there, and work it's way down to the bigger holes, screening out different sizes of stones.

  21. If the emissions testing is current, you should be good to register it in your name. If not, it just needs to be tested, not passing, to be in compliance for registration.

  22. Any tips for finding rentals in eastern CT? Did you go through an agent? Drive around looking for signs? Any websites in particular that were useful?

  23. We moved in to our current place almost 8 years ago, and I believe we found it through Craiglist. Other than that, I believe Facebook marketplace has rental listing, and there's the local classifieds for Northeast CT- the

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