1. If it gets me the fuck away from the suicidal depression of a dystopia of shitty jobs/unsustainable poverty wage slavery/long work hours/unaffordable housing and homelessness/unaffordable healthcare/unsustainably extreme income and wealth gaps, great.

  2. Fun fact: they are not "middle class" families.

  3. Shadowlands gave me high elf customization for void elf and the ground snake models as tameable hunter pets 🐍❀️

  4. Bot account just went active and reposted a 2 year old post.

  5. Tankies delusional right wing shilling for capitalism lmao.

  6. Right wingers still hilariously upset about unsustainable poverty wage jobs being shit on by workers lmao.

  7. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess this was something put together in forge mode.

  8. A: "proof for your claim that millions didn't die in a genocide?"

  9. They got rid of the penalties. It’s still worth staying fed and hydrated for the buffs, though.

  10. Which I prefer immensely, a means to get extra benefits, not penalties.

  11. Passing up those benefits doesn't threaten you with health damage anymore, so no, things definitely changed.

  12. Ancaps sound hilariously upset about "labor shortages" humiliating unsustainable poverty wage jobs that workers avoid.

  13. One of our necessities is health care which isn't a concept that existed for our ancestors which is what I took away from what they said.

  14. Ah, strange then, because "luxuries" and necessities, and literally non-existent, are two different things so I didn't understand what kind of point it was supposed to be.

  15. Thier luxuries are now are necessities means we don't need cell phone video game ect ect

  16. That's nonsensical, again circling back to my point the comment doesn't make sense.

  17. Tankies shilling for the ruling class and then getting mad when humiliated for it, oh wait, that's what right wingers do for dystopian capitalism lmao.

  18. It's honestly kinda hilarious when the bots get into a loop talking to each other.

  19. Just this morning I found a post on the ballpython sub where bots are peddling a T-Shirt scam again, and I provided most of the same information I provided here for people to identify these bot scam posts.

  20. Information provided under the "more" button under the image.

  21. WARNING: This looks like one of the merchandise bot scam posts that I just made a psa warning post about yesterday in the snakes sub about bots making a fake ad about a snake cup, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK THAT OP PROVIDED TO TO THE FAKE INTERESTED CUSTOMER BOT REPLY

  22. Suicide gets ever closer just to escape poverty wage slavery.

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