1. I hate how many times the dance scene shows up in my YouTube recommendations no matter how many times I check don’t recommend channel and not interested.

  2. Nice wish hot toys would make the sidekick/secondary character more than focusing on the main heroes.

  3. Nice. You look like one of the henchmen at the end of Kingsman and Inception cool look

  4. Going against the code of conduct even slightly gets you banned, every match has someone saying something racist, typing the n word in the chat and talking like an immature child who is mad at the world cause their parents didn't show them love. Idk about you specifically but I know of people who been banned after saying stuff that goes against the code of conduct we had to accept... if you call someone the wrong thing and they report it, the game can verify what you said or typed, we literally give permission to record our activities while gaming. This is 2022, you can't just say something to some kids online and not get reported, if you get reported and its verified, your account is over, end of story. I doubt anybody is gonna admit what they said during any match but we can't just assume everyone banned is truthful or willing to admit anything they truly said. Been gaming since before day 1, no glitched bans.

  5. That’s why I just don’t use voice chat unless I’m in a party with friends. But actually I think I got banned from Cold War for tbagging lol

  6. T-bagging? In Ghosts they had challenges that required t-bagging.

  7. I mean I’m not sure exactly what it was but I don’t cheat or use voice chat and that’s the only “offensive” thing I do so I just assumed that was the reason

  8. That makes three of my classes (assault rifles, rocket launchers and now pistols) platinumed. I might even be able to get Orion before the next game comes out and actually have time to enjoy it before starting the grind over again

  9. in 2012 i’d go straight to multi in 2022 when i fire it up occasionally i jus sit listen to the the theme and let nostalgia do its thing

  10. I just want to know WHAT THE FUCK THEY ARE DOING all the time. Like seriously alllllllll the time there is someone walking around and dragging chairs, even at 3 am. Makes me livid. Told them to be more quiet (always politely) and it helps for about a week, then slowly goes back to “normal”.

  11. Yeah the go to line my neighbor uses when I complain is that it’s an apartment and living in an apartment comes with noise. Sure but I don’t get complaints from my downstairs neighbor every day like I complain about my upstairs neighbors

  12. I really like your display cases in the first image. Can you send me a link please? Are the shelves adjustable?

  13. Being so close to the Way of Water release this had a couple ways it could go. I wasn’t disappointed!

  14. The avatar movie tie in game was actually pretty good for movie game standards. Can’t wait for the new one

  15. Oof. Would this happen if the figure was left in the box until Christmas time? I asked my dad to get me anakin for Christmas and he might have already got it so I was wondering it if it would be fine left in the box for a month?

  16. As long as the accounts are linked through Activision, all of your progress and cosmetics transfer. The exception is CoD points - including ones unlocked from the Battle Pass. They’re bound to the platform they were purchased/unlocked on.

  17. Ok so if I purchase the base edition on steam and link my Xbox account to battle net and steam to battle net the operators will still be there? Don’t want to have to spend another $100 on captain price and ghost lol

  18. Pistols most are easy. But the last one the Auto. All long shot ranges it hit nuudles its stupid worst 15 kills of my like

  19. Can you not switch the auto pistol to semi like you can on every other gun?

  20. Nope not on pistols it whould have been so easy. The X12 or well the first one tok 1 game on shoot house

  21. Dang that sucks. I just got done platinuming my ars though and the way I did it was going into that alleyway behind where b is on embassy and shooting across from one end as the enemies came around the side coming from the parking lot so I’ll just do that again for the pistol. It’s funny when I’m platinuming if the map isn’t embassy or taraq I just back out and re-que

  22. Does the replay glitch with a friend on console still work? Also would anyone like to be my daily/weekly replay glitch buddy on Xbox? I like to play at the same time generally

  23. God those third party Anakin head sculpts are ugly. Makes Anakin look like some dude bro and the hair looks nothing like Anakin’s hair. Like I get they were trying to attempt a realistic hair style and on some of them the shape is almost right but the coloring and the way it fits on the head just look so wrong. The face sculpts don’t even look that bad (this one is one of the worst examples though) but when you look at the hair it just ruins it

  24. Have you restarted your game? Had mine on quick resume until recently and it was there til I quit the game

  25. Can you fit thanos on one of those shelves in the first picture?

  26. They’re all adjustable. So just move it all around to suit your needs.

  27. Can you send a link to the one in the first image and the glass doors you used? I want more space to create bigger scenes with my figures

  28. Also apparently my cakeday. 10 years of Reddit today

  29. Also my cakeday lol. 10 years of Reddit today

  30. Black ops 2 is the same age as my Reddit account. Crazy how your perception of events changes over time

  31. He went from having a realistic design that still stood out, to being a cosplay edgelord

  32. He looks more like an airsofter cosplaying as ghost than ghost lol

  33. All I know is grinding rpgs will be a lot easier with these two maps in the rotation

  34. You can't call others cheaters and then when someone says they hit you just make fun of them in the video

  35. I mean they clearly didn’t though? I don’t even think a bb was coming out his gun

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