1. I think it's on purpose, because whenever someone near dies, you always look back on them fondly, thinking of the great times had. The way that we aren't shown Mari's flaws is accurate to how we would perceive a lost loved one. Flawless and the best (relationship) anyone could've asked for.

  2. Mr. Jawsome down there for his exploitation of child labour in africa

  3. Twitter is slowly becoming total garbage. Far-right subjects are trending—lots of dense conversations turning around supremacy nonsense. Complete waste of time, now. I am waiting for the next Twitter.

  4. I'm not dickriding Elon, it's just that the whole "Russian botnet" idea is so tired and overdone that it likely was completely fabricated. The "ancient" part was a nice touch though.

  5. From what I've seen, they're mostly known as a "virgin band" across a lot of the internet (their music is actually pretty good though tbh)

  6. Mfs called sunny emo too much he's started to participate in actual emo culture

  7. The amount of morbius references. Like when omori said "It's omorbin' time!" And omorbed all over those sprout moles

  8. Omocat store. If you want to know where to get the little offbrand funny plushes to use with them, check amazon. I found a reskin of omor that they called sunny, even though it had striped shorts. Fantastic stuff.

  9. :2474:: (wakes up again again) “what the fuck is going on”

  10. :2468:: (wakes up) what an unusual dream about strange inferior people...

  11. Obligatory jar joke aside, cool figure may buy for non-jar related purposes

  12. That's what the mask is. That's what the point of the mask is.

  13. Don't make a game about anything to do with what happens with

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