1. Carragher: "And if we just pause it...THERE!"

  2. ‘It’s a great run but he’s juuuust offside there’

  3. I can't believe it had nearly been a year since the last Christmas update. Time flies

  4. With how forgettable the last one was I can believe it. Peel p50 and a fake community challenge

  5. Yeah booker is good but Eddie can do it all. And he also has a butter release.

  6. How did you get your last ring today? Is limited extended this last week for holidays?

  7. Yeah it’s on now cause people will be busy the weekend

  8. He’s still really fun. I hit 3 3s in a row against a guy with him he can be deadly

  9. What’s up with TV2 Denmark and Qatar, is there Qatari security hiding in the bushes waiting for the Danish journalists or what?

  10. Quick question do most Danish know English? His English is really good

  11. God, was it an underwhelming season... Two years of waiting for that... Why even buy the franchise at this point?

  12. Agreed seems the family paid for their case to be the first one one there. It's quite definitley a suicide.

  13. If you are bored now, Tim Thomas will not last long. Save it for someone you will love forever.

  14. Thomas will he usable for the rest of the game cycle. His sigs and stats are so good he could work as a 3&D wing for a long, long time

  15. Agreed, the meta is rim running and in EU the delay on shooting is horrendous. No surprise people are doing this.

  16. I’m English and it’s cretin not cretting lmao

  17. It’s after COVID it’s got way worse. Whether people have still forgotten to behave, or got radicalised into these ‘ultra’ groups while in lockdown who knows but it’s got way worse

  18. Move the World Cup to Besiktas.

  19. Unfortunately nope. Because of moment agenda. Right now I only send retired player card or duplicate to exhibition if I have a choice.

  20. Dang I hate these 4 day long ones for 1k mt

  21. There is one for 5 days. I’m still on 4th day.

  22. Yeah I thought I’d do some since I finished limited in one game and there was no leak until super late today. Sucks but I guess I’ll miss out on him

  23. Brunson stood there like ‘I do this every week in the gym’

  24. Kareem and Hakeem are so much better than Moses my g, its not even an argument

  25. Moses is way better at the 4 next to Kareem. He won’t get drop stepped in the paint then

  26. I was able to snag a Jimmy for 50k today for the lock in. Good deal?

  27. Moses is really good at PF. He has really nice dunking animations and is an elite defender.

  28. Sorry Rotherham but if you let someone like McLean score against you and then you start chucking bottles at our players you do rather deserve to lose

  29. Love seeing all the wanks on twitter getting mad at our ‘antics’ but throw bottles at the ref

  30. His offense is miles better than last year. More minutes = more improvement.

  31. Yeah he’s a one way player as he’s not all that strong for a big man.

  32. He’s 3rd in the NBA in blocked shots. Not saying he’s a good defender by any means, just a fun fact!

  33. Yeah he’s good at shot blocking but his overall defensive game is poor. Just like his dad who was better at blocking shots than rebounding

  34. Hard to say as Bol is in brilliant form and Wiseman isn’t.

  35. Morris twins act like guys (of course) that always had someone right behind their back so they could start shit indiscriminately.

  36. I’d have thought the Morris twins wouldn’t realised picking on big white guys doesn’t end well

  37. My guys just doing cardio in the paint

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