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  1. They have a catapult..they shoot it at neighbors house

  2. Trebuchets are superior. Imagine not being able to hurl a 90kg projectile over 300 meters.

  3. Compressed air like a computer dusting can. Has a bitterant and cats hate it, and the loud sound.

  4. You're so far off base it's wild. The Russians kicked off the shooting from the same position of the men surrendering. And guess what? Russia invaded that land illegally to begin with.

  5. Police dismantle pirated TV streaming network with 500,000 users, and then another popped up.

  6. Id scream if one of those blew by me ay 95 on the highway lmaoook

  7. I stopped playing because Bungie took my Redrix broadsword. I grinded so much for that, it was my baby. Id start playing again if power level was removed and I could use that anywhere again.

  8. From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh, it disgusted me...

  9. I would personally play Halo wars 1 after Halo 3, because thats around when it came out I think

  10. Alaskan here, BRING EXTRA GAS. and always fill up when you get the chance. Road is generally pretty good but keep an eye on the news in case part of it gets wiped out by a mudslide or something. Beautiful drive, just make sure you go prepared

  11. “I am become big mad, destroyer of worlds.”

  12. I'm sure he will soon find out that monstrous size has no intrinsic merit. Unless, inordinate exsanguination be considered a virtue.

  13. Switch to your SSD. I had similar issues with my vr games and switching them over to my SSD massively improved performance

  14. How do you deal with the moisture buildup? I go van camping, but can't crack the windows without getting eaten alive by the ever prevalent Alaska mosquitos.

  15. You can buy these stretchy window screens that slide over the door windows and I am getting some too.

  16. I'll try those. Another idea I've had is external magnet screens.

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