1. Ask them what type of drugs they ingested before this "divine-cosmic-spiritual-awakening surge of energy".

  2. its weird, because they were just sitting down and they saw everything go bright, and then they felt shaking, it was at 12:59 in the afternoon, is what they said.

  3. The fact that literally nobody (including myself) have voted for Amon.

  4. Takes Rounds 1-3, but Yhwach's Sankt Altar is quite broken.

  5. i was thinking of removing Sankt Altar when i made this, but i didn’t. probably shouldve but we cant nerf yhwach too much ig

  6. Not really. It's only stated that the Sternritters wouldn't be able to control his bankai. And even that was just a speculation on Yhwach's part.

  7. aint that bro yhwach know every future though, correct me if i’m wrong

  8. i’m talking about the speculation on yhwachs part, he knows every future so his speculations are right

  9. For kakashi Sai or yamato maybe. They do have anbu level skills. But guy would have been perfect.

  10. kakashi was his own kage and shadow kage, he did the paperwork and did missions on the field

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