1. Awesome !!! One of my fav character in S4.

  2. Don’t be afraid to get those darker darks in there. That’ll make it pop for sure!

  3. I’ve literally dreamed about a Medusa Lana Del Rey tattoo. I must have one.

  4. I'm sorry but it's so funny to me how 001 looks straight up amazing and detailed and vecna is just 🙁

  5. I know 🤣 I just gave up on vecna. Maybe I’ll finish it one day too many details for a quick sketch

  6. This art is one of a kind. Every detail and concept of it is remarkable! So talented. Amazing

  7. Like maybe 4? I use prismacolor the most and when I run out of a certain color I just order more

  8. Thank you so much 🥺 I feel like I have such a long way to go honestly

  9. Try out an herbal option. Mary Ruths brand makes a Womens Wellness supplement that has helped me quite a bit.

  10. Did this supplement lessen your pms? I took it this month and now I’m googling answers because my period is supposed to start tomorrow and I haven’t had a single pms symptom. And usually I’m moody and my back hurts and my boobs hurt for an entire week. And I get so bloated. I’m so weirded out right now and I’m trying to find anyone who has taken it. Thanks.

  11. I take it the week before I am supposed to get my period and it lessens if not eliminates my PMS symptoms.

  12. I love the way you're showing movement and volume with the fur. And the expression on its face is adorable!

  13. Thank you so much ☺️ I was worried about tackling the fur. But I think I pulled it off.

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