1. To be completely honest, it’s not a hard class. The problem is the memorization. I would pretty much dedicate your whole semester to mostly this class. The amount of things to memorize is insane. From memorizing, terms, landmarks on bones, histology (microscope pics of certain parts of your body). Strap in for this ride

  2. Ok thanks - What was the best way of taking notes?

  3. Best way of taking notes is to write out the lectures onto a notebook and study/memorize it until you know everything. Also during your labs, you have to label hundreds of different parts. Make sure you label it very neatly, or in pencil so you can go back and make sure the labels are clean so you can study a lot easier. GOODLUCK!

  4. I remember reading somewhere that some vehicles do some wacky business in order to "save gas" and look good in terms of fuel economy. Some will keep revs low and shift gears at strange times. This can lead to difficulty when accelerating or somewhat jerky shifting.

  5. Hmm, definitely some great advice. Will try it out tmrw forsure. Appreixate the comment boss

  6. Lmao bro no idea you figure it out. Why would you need to be driving to check tire pressure?

  7. Ur a good man. Just wanted to say that. Hope you have a great rest of your day

  8. Do they have a check in place to make sure whether or not people are students?

  9. Hmm guess things have changed now, my freshman year 2019, anyone coulda came. I brought all the homies over lol and not a single person checked

  10. Just wait, student accojnt services and financial aid have been having problems lately, check back in a couple days and see what’s up. If nothing has changed, I would contact financial aid

  11. But doesn't the equitable access fee depend on the amount of units you're taking? How can they charge us for it before the add/drop deadline if the amount of units we take might still change

  12. Idk, just a guess. I’m going on the financial aid zoom tmrw and I will be clearing everything up

  13. Can you send the link for the zoom please

  14. It’s online bro….. literally search financial aid sdsu and the link pops up

  15. Did they do it just because you hopped on the zoom?

  16. No, I hopped on zoom today but I wasn’t even able to get through and talk to anyone today. Way too packed today. Only reason I needed to talk to financial aid today is bc they sent me like 300-400$ less than what they told me they will send me

  17. Is it because of the intent to enroll? I’m also $400 short too

  18. Not sure. I have to hop back on zoom tmrw hoping I get in tmrw

  19. Yes, sdsu will prolly just refund you. I got the same situation going on as wel

  20. I go to sdsu and had to take a similar comm public speaking class that everyone has to take. I hate public speaking but some tips that I used to get a A+ in the class was :

  21. Tbh I didn’t 😂😂 but literally everyone else did. I personally didn’t ask them to come as my uncle and his family came down for vacation and they had plans already

  22. Don’t stress about it. Take it to the dealer at the next possible chance.

  23. Been stressing all day about it today. Gotta wake up early tmrw and call around for an appointment

  24. Maybe transmission issue. My car was doing the same the past year and finally broke down.

  25. How many miles do you have so far and do you live in an exceptionally dusty area? Air restriction can cause similar symptoms

  26. It’s been around 3-4K miles on the car. And I live in LA county/ San Diego. I heard the noises as I was driving up from San Diego back to diamond bar

  27. If your gettg cal grant, you don’t get SUG, if you get SUG, you don’t get cal grant

  28. I can see a PT major when I see one. Looks good. Chem 200 was pretty tough for me. 265 is ez. Chem 200 and bio 203 you will definitely have to study for. I would take phys lab over summer if you plan on taking summer classes

  29. I used to have 8am Monday to Friday lol trust me you get used to it

  30. Wishing you the best OP, my dog was diagnosed yesterday at a stage 2-3. Currently looking into surgery if that even is an option and an MRI to figure it out. I truly wish you the best of luck, nobody should be going thru this

  31. I believe sdchemtutor or something like that with kris bunce helped alot

  32. He is the goat, helped me so much with 200 and 201. Deadass the only reason I passed those classes with an A

  33. I am old school I didn't like that digital dash I need an analog dash

  34. What’s your tax rate? Damn feel kinda like shit lol

  35. How much did you pay for it out the door? I got my 2022 SEL w convience package In black exterior/grey interior for 27.5k Out the Door. I do live in CA and tax was 9.5%. Wondering if I got finessed lol

  36. Picked up a ‘22 Elantra SEL - blacked out for $23,000. I would recommend waiting for something newer to come in stock with more of your warranty intact.

  37. Chem 200 is a loaded course ngl, wouldn’t recommend taking it over summer

  38. Blvd 63 is fine, I live here rn. Honestly a great place. No rats or homeless people walking around

  39. Yo this sum heat ngl 🤣 shit done turned into a freestyle

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