1. Pretty sure Dori is older than Sayu at least. She’s basically a tycoon who owns a palace and built her fortune from the ground up just like Ningguang. And that palace must’ve taken at least a year to plan, fund, and build, and then attract enough publicity for it to become a tourist attraction. She also certainly does not carry herself like a child, nor does she speak like one.

  2. sometimes, kids have connections. For how i knew of a kid who bought himself a knife with the money he earned by selling schwagg bags

  3. So he gained unauthorized access to the game data? Hmm, go look up the definition for hacker real quick.

  4. Nah i had some game files corrupted for no reason which caused unexpected crashes, so i just headed over to reinstall the game

  5. vampires can't see themselves in silver coated mirrors, so an aluminium or plastic mirror should do the job

  6. bruh these aren't wallpapers, they are your mf ads

  7. imagine growing up just to wake up at 5am to go to work for 12 hours at a place where you are being yelled at by a customer who complains about how his pickle slices are less than 0.8cm³ each

  8. i remember when the game gave somebody the task to make the word 'Ginger' and oh boy.....

  9. how does this not freak somebody out, mf literally has 3 vials of mutant juice slowly being injected into his back

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