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  1. It's a photo mug I got for my siblings and myself

  2. With that first picture, I thought your dog was broken

  3. It says no animals, it couldn't be much clearer.

  4. I'm glad he kept his top spot, that's adorable. Puppy Chili looks like a freakin' cartoon. Fantastic.

  5. That spot is called Bentley's star, and most heelers have them. I love them!

  6. Or is it the same woman with makeup on and slightly shorter hair?

  7. Just covering my bases.... ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ No, I wasn't lol. Like she'd get a haircut before Michael left for the party.

  8. Just got a call saying that the Licor 43 charges will be refunded!! Glad I reached out after reading some comments here.

  9. You consumed 20oz of alcohol and expected it to be free? I smell a mooch

  10. No, turns out I overestimated their size. My brother says they couldn't have been more than 1.5 oz each.

  11. Are they mean to him there? He canโ€™t get out of there fast enough.

  12. Not at all! He just hates not being around me. Anytime I leave him anywhere, even if I just go to the bathroom and leave him at my table on a patio, he won't pay attention to anything else and just watch the direction I left in until I return. He's a loyal boy ๐Ÿ˜Š

  13. The Roku remote app lets you type on your phone

  14. So I have to unlock my phone, wait for an app to open, and find a setting on the app? Seems like it'd be quicker to just use the remote this way.

  15. True, but I just use the app anyway because you don't have to point it at the TV, and my remote is old and isn't reliable.

  16. Reminds me of my first gf and myself in school thinking we fooled everyone that we weren't just making out behind the curtains in the auditorium

  17. I think if you cropped this to just the plane trail, it would be a wonderful picture. (it's already nice, though)

  18. Wow great work. Did you also have to scribe these to account the ceiling being not perfect or was that already framed dead level?

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