TIFU by buying my wife a bra

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  1. Cara at the end all like well wtf, I ain’t doing this 😂👍

  2. I hope you are joking about the thirst trap thing. I think he is just shitposting random stuff on his ig stories. Doesn’t mean anything

  3. He posted a magazine pic of a old man outside a very recognisable council block of flats in my part of west London and my whole instagram has gone wild.

  4. You do that too??? I forget what I’m doing while I’m doing it ALL the time. I will be watching a video or doing homework, taking a test, and forget what I’m doing and get up and wonder off. The test are always timed so that’s a bit stressful when I forget more than once while taking it.

  5. I have a little trick for this, I use genres of music. So if I am studying or doing an exam I have classical - to the point I am now allowed to be in a room on my own for exams with classical music playing. I passed 3 exams this February which is failed consistently for 2 years before I figured out this technique.

  6. I'm going to repost what my head mate [D] keeps telling us when anyone goes go through a denial periods.

  7. 'Many'? Can you cite dates and locations? Just a few will do. I live in London and I read the newspapers every day. Never heard of any. Not one.

  8. Think it’s mad that the money is going to change and for how long really until it has to then change for William.

  9. For sure! I definitely understand that Kanye has some serious issues but I think a lot of people downplay or underestimate how intentional some of his antics are. He has big Gemini energy. Like Azealia Banks (also a Gemini), people just kind of write him off as being crazy and troubled. But if you look past the chaos, there is some purpose behind whatever they are doing or saying. The timing of this is suspect. People keep saying that Donda would be so disappointed in his grammar but I'm like, do y'all really think this man can't properly use grammar? Haha idk, I just think it's comical. If you look at some of his posts, he types in the form of a haiku or he will not use punctuation marks while also leaving the appropriate double space for the punctuation. Sorry this was so long...I hit my bong before responding LOL

  10. I think he’s dropping a album soon - sketegate was just before Donda. I think he’s playing the whole entire world and has no fucks to give.

  11. both things can br true he‘s still pretty funny

  12. I’m horrified but also in fits of laughter. Not sure if it makes me a bad person or not.

  13. Its all just Roald Dahl witches for me. She’s gonna turn Kanye into a mouse and eat him. It’s even the

  14. Her hair is SO BAD! This has got to be intentional - there is no other explanation why her hair looks like one of my old Barbies when I tried to curl their hair and it all melted and turned into a weird looking plastic.

  15. Presumably if Constantine replaces Thess, then she will be the one protecting Lyta in the Kindly Ones. It could be that she is offered something to do with Astra in order to motivate her to do that, since she wouldn't be fuelled by spite and vengeance like Thess was.

  16. You don’t find an accent spoken by a British actress, playing a British character convincing? 🧐

  17. It is one British accent spoken by a British actor who has a different accent? (We have more than one accent here)

  18. I wonder why I didn’t notice that as a born and bred Londoner. /sarcasm

  19. Good to know if they ever remake Harry Potter, we have a new Snape standing by. Tom Sturridge is also currently much closer to book Snape's age vs. movie Snape.

  20. As someone who knew Alan Rickman as a friend of my parents in childhood, Tom really reminded me of him throughout this series - it was more a young Metatron/Dogma vibe I was catching though rather than Snape.

  21. LOL I was like is it? But yeah I think 25 was the last time I was excited for a birthday rather than worrying about how fucking old I am getting 😂😅

  22. I can’t imagine intentionally having a child with a man like that. Knowing they’re just going to show up sometimes when they feel like it. That sucks for the child, money isn’t everything.

  23. He doesn’t even have that much money and the way it’s going it will all go on child support payments to other women anyway.

  24. It would actually hurt him because extra child support for other children would be taken into account when calculating child support

  25. So basically she is still supporting him by taking sole financial responsibility for her kids with him?

  26. At first I thought who the fuck would vote for Tristan.. but you make a fair point 😂

  27. It makes sense until you think about how many baby mommas he will eventually have, that he’s actively spending his money on child support plus his lifestyle, and his career isn’t gonna last the next 5 years let alone forever.

  28. a lil tortie princess!!! my favorite!! Muddle is an adorable name! ❤️

  29. I called her that because I didn’t actually know what a tortoiseshell was when we met, and I thought she looked like a black cat that someone had driven past splashed mud all over 😆😅

  30. She looks like a very helpful kitty. Is she paid in love and treats?

  31. Totally ! Could we do two ? One for tasting and one for souvenir ?

  32. I am so sorry xxx I just picked this up 🙄 yes! We have giant skittles out right now too and some special editions in the corner shops. DM me your address and I will get to the post office this week with a sugar package 💋

  33. Four fucking sisters and not one of them is free killed me 😂

  34. What part of London are you in? Curious that anywhere in London would have the same vibe to LA. (I’m in N8 fyi).

  35. Why did they fuck it up like this? The whole thing is wrinkled. And the one eye visible is giving me cyclops alien hybrid human lip filler invasion vibes.

  36. I do of course enjoy the drama but really I only come here for the comments.

  37. Yeah I figure if I get cancer I'm not getting treatment. Just let me die. Cremation is cheaper than treatment.

  38. I’m in the UK. My dad has had lung cancer twice and not touched a penny of his savings unless he chose to buy or do something to make those times easier on him.

  39. I read a story of this happening once in the UK.

  40. There’s a whole story based about some old man getting angry at a woman in hijab talking to her child in foreign in the UK.

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