1. So the gun is aimed up not straight with the barrel so that the line of sight and the bullets path intercept.

  2. I know the penguin, the bear, pepe and the beaver but who are those guys

  3. Too bad Kari Lake was such a nut job that this has no chances of making it into law.

  4. I met some pretty cool AK guys at DCF Guns West. I think they have some guy on staff that should have some solid information.

  5. When gun control passes in CO you can thank the half owner of DCF Guns for being so toxic that nobody wanted to vote for Republicans he called for hanging Polis and said he stood with Putin

  6. Why am I getting a feeling that the Russians would destroy this and legit call it the destruction of a Leopard 2.

  7. Getting whiplash from the Colorado Springs nightclub shooting where everybody was like of course LGBTQ+ people should buy and have guns.

  8. She is a cutie pie. I didnt realize how gorgeous ukrainian women are. It probably helps that 1/3 arent obese.

  9. I tried to look at your link on Elon's Government Drone website but it said the page didn't exist.

  10. Can we impose an insurance for each gun owner so that we, the people, are covered in case of this mass shooting events? Like cars, the premium should be based out of risk factors ( age, training, degrees, type of job, etc..) if I am injured because of someone using guns improperly why should I use my health insurance for this…

  11. Isn’t that what the uninsured motorist coverage on my auto policy is?

  12. No. That's not something you purchase to pay for the crimes you could commit against someone else.

  13. Do you agree with the gun bills and how they're being passed? Or you only like it when they do stuff like this and you agree with it?

  14. I never voted for the Democrats, I held my nose and voted for the candidate for Governor who ran on litter boxes in school bathrooms

  15. Did they lose it to incompetence, or was it that massive moves to CO from blue areas turned all their areas rabidly liberal within just a few short years?

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