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  1. Do not be embarrassed. If we were there, we’d ALL be on a mission to help you find it!! It is unbelievably frustrating. I suggest to pull out the stove and look behind and underneath. A few potato peels or a toddler’s uneaten snack can get through those cracks and the stove isn’t something you pull out often. Toddler or pet may have peed there? I like the black light idea. You really never know where the smell is coming from! Ex: I have a glass top stove and kept smelling something weird. For weeks. Then the stove’s heating element blew. You had to take the top off of the stove to get to the part. We opened it and it was full of dog food. Apparently mice had been collecting dog kibble and stashing it in the stove. That was unbelievable. Ex 2 we just started potty training twin boys and I could not get the smell of urine out of the bathroom. It was disgusting. Nothing worked. Apparently they had soaked the shower curtain. Idk why but it never occurred to me they would pee on the curtain. Lol. Boys pee everywhere. Mom lesson learned.

  2. We MAY have a winner!!! I didn't realize the stove had a "lid" and could be lifted... When I lifted it up, half the metal pan was filled with burnt brown sludge. Neither hubby or I remember spilling anything so there's a chance a mouse crawled in and peed in it and we continued to cook somehow 🤮 anyway I wiped it all clean and although it didn't smell like the source to me, it seems to have significantly dissipated so I guess by the morning I'll see if there's still something stinking or that was it.

  3. People in this sub must not know how to read… Eric Adams is complaining about lack of coordination between departments resulting in less than sufficient humanitarian needs because they don’t know and can’t predict the needs of the refugees(lack of coordination shows inability of the governor to govern). He also stated that most of the immigrants were told they would be going elsewhere before being forced into New York(which might be a crime in itself). The mayor did not complain about the number of refugees, merely in the unprofessional way Greg Abbot has handled himself as a governor that is supposed to look out for the best interests of everyone. Adams is a police officer and knows how to handle various situations…

  4. Do you think illegals come over the border with a list of shit they need and how much it will cost the state they are going to? How do you think the border states do it? THIS IS THE ISSUE. Not enough LEOs to manage the border, not enough resources, shit policies created by people who have no idea what it takes to deal with such a monumental issue. Every non border state just thinks that TX and AZ are whiners and should suck it up, foot the bill and let their states go to shit. Time to spread the love. You get ‘em like we get ‘em. People who come here illegally have no fucking say where they are taken. They gave up that right when they came illegally and expected us to take care of them. If they want freedom to do whatever they want and go wherever they want, come in the legal way.

  5. Wow! This post blew up! I have some answers for the ones wondering. I posted this here as I’m at a loss for what to do, what resource to call. It absolutely breaks my heart knowing there were kids living in this environment. I feel almost as trashy as the parents for not reporting it earlier. I asked my boss if there’s anything AT ALL to do to which he doesn’t know as there might be some legality issues with me taking a photo. So I posted this here in hopes I can get an organization or number which could handle this correctly without any legal repercussions towards me or the company I work for.

  6. Calling Animal Control is a good start. I believe they are also mandatory reporters which will bring in other agencies as needed, like CPS.

  7. Ear pain is awful. Have you tried a heating pad? You can put a few drops of warm olive oil in your ear to also help.

  8. Maybe you should buy two tickets if you are so concerned about your own space.

  9. I-10 goes through Slidell, and it’s close to the Mississippi line. My guess is it’s kind of like why there’s always a bunch of fireworks stands near state lines too. No drive through daiquiris in Mississippi.

  10. Let’s ignore the fact that people who get in just because of race and not qualifications tend to drop out. So now not only did they not get a college degree but they also have debt which only furthers financial disparities. How about we instead reform the public school system with school voucher programs so anyone of any financial background can choose the best school for their kids?

  11. Sucks too because they took the spot from a person who is academically qualified to attend university.

  12. Would love to see him say these things to Hershel Walker’s face.

  13. You can go to an urgent care which is smaller than an ER and less expensive. It’s more like a doctors office. When you walk-in, they’ll ask you to sign in. Bring an ID and insurance card if you have one. They will ask why you need to be seen and you’ll sit in the waiting room until they call your name. The nurse or tech will take you to a room, take your temp, blood pressure, O2, and ask specifics about how the injury happened and the nurses/doctors will clean, stitch and dress the wound. If you haven’t had a tetanus shot recently, you’ll get one and they will tell you how to take care of the injury. Recheck in7-10 days to have stitches removed.

  14. NAD. I 2nd the Benadryl. If you happen to have a prescription for promethazine (anti nausea), add it as well. Excedrin migraine, ibuprofen, Benadryl, promethazine and a hot cup of tea.

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