1. As a queer Christian myself; I still have internal struggles. Religion makes it HARD to be LQBTQIA+ until a priest or religious leader sits down and wants to understand and can say to us ‘God/Jehovah/Allah/Yahweh loves you, it’s us his children that have a hard time loving you and accepting you’ then I may start understanding.

  2. I was so nervous my first test (and the test area was confusing) I ended up unknowingly driving on the wrong side of their simulated road

  3. I did time in the trenches. War is hell, the issued skirts didn’t spin. The e that came with our meals was just candy it didn’t do much. Now they need bodies on the Fluid Front, rumor has it both sides dug in, no progress has been made since ‘14. Ah ‘14 simpler times….

  4. A sacrifice to the aviation gods that allow our metal beasts fly

  5. I just relaxed and recovered from my hangover, got some things set up for Thanksgiving

  6. ‘As soon as a realized the weakness of gender it disgusted me.’

  7. Had a thought that it could be like the cover of Fallout 2, of a broken power armor helmet scavenged and used by a tribalist. Maybe worth considering damaging it a bit?

  8. Where do trans girls fit in all this >.< a-asking for a friend (it’s me I’m my friend)

  9. Does anyone one else think Google nest/Alexa would be servitors in 40k?

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