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  1. The look of anger that Russian blues give is very harsh. Mine loves to glare at me when I don't do what he wants.

  2. The wages don't go up to match inflation. The journey raise they are getting this year is the first in about the past 7 years. Also a lot of the raises have been from the state minimum wage hike.

  3. Bird flu has to be factoring into this and egg prices, right?

  4. We've dealt with bird flu before and it was never this bad. These price raises are just profiteering.

  5. I want this garden. I love it. It must be even more amazing during a good bloom year.

  6. Light-colored landscaping fabric and lawn staples over upturned soil beds. Cut an X wherever you want to plant something. It's a little fussy to fit them through, but as long as it stays pinned, I've had little to no trouble from my neighborhood cats. (Not sure if wood mulch on top would undermine the effort or not.)

  7. I currently have wood chip mulch and the local stray makes a daily appearance to use it as a litter box.

  8. The Queen of The Skies was celebrated today in Everett Washington as the last one was delivered, a cargo version, to Atlas Air. Thousands in attendance, factory workers, techs, engineers, crew, John Travolta, marketers, and more at the roll-out. The Celebration and Ceremony was broadcast on Vimeo, with many, many international customers addressing the large audience in the 747 Hanger. Might say, I'm a fanboy, but working in Aerospace for decades kinda qualifies. Curiously, on the weekend my spouse and I committed to buy our first home in the NW on Whidbey Island, President Obama landed outside our hotel window at Paine Field in Air Force One. edit: typos

  9. Bush Point Area, we think the Gold Coast, less rain, if that's your thing.

  10. That's a good area. Make sure you have a generator for your home. That part of the island is the last to get power back after a power outage.

  11. Pretty sure Anacortes is Island County

  12. Anacortes is on Fidalgo Island which is in Skagit county. Island county is Whidbey and Camano Islands.

  13. Thank you so much! In total, I think it took close to 3 hours, and my kitchen was a bombsite afterwards! I'm glad I did it, but I have to admit this won't be a regular activity! Maybe just for special occasions!

  14. I've been baking for my families oregano garlic bread for Thanksgiving and Christmas for the past 5 years. You get pretty good at it and the mess gets much smaller. I recommend a plastic bench scraper to clean up the left over flour.

  15. I'm up in Oak Harbor. It's pretty bad and still coming down thick. Like others have said main roads have been plowed, but only once or twice. I'd avoid driving if I were you.

  16. We even got it over here in Oak Harbor. Huge fat flakes.

  17. Degenerate weatherless bastard in the west here: Stop hogging all the fucking snow/rain. We need it out here really bad and y'all just snatching that shit up like it's free money.

  18. That's what I was thinking. I've been hoping for snow for a few weeks.

  19. Oh a Russian Blue, be prepared for the talking. Mine loves to chat with me while I'm talking on the phone.

  20. I drive up routinely; this gas station always has the cheapest gas even in the area. The Shell further east of there is a scam. Swinomish ftw

  21. What's the merch? Something cooking related? Maybe tell a story about how they've probably seen their parents use the products to give them something to relate to.

  22. Yeah a lot of people in Seattle have never worked a service job and it shows.

  23. I've got a customer that tells me this everyday. He's a nice guy, I assume he ison the spectrum, but man I wish I had a better reply to get him to stop telling me that.

  24. I wish people would use sco when they only have two items. We still get people at my store who absolutely refuse to use it, forcing a back up checker to walk up front to check them out.

  25. I see you also have one of those massagers from Costco. I didn't realize I'd be so twitchy using it. Lol love the set up.

  26. I have trained my boy Thanos to sit in any lap with pillows from the couch. Highly recommend it. I've got him on my lap right now and he is very cozy.

  27. I showed up to work around 3 am and was pleasantly surprised to find my boss there actually organizing the scramble to save our refrigerated product before they spoiled. Power came back in around 5 am right as we were wrapping everything up.

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