Wife catches her cheating husband

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POST GAME THREAD: The Mets fell to the Braves by a score of 5-3 - Sun, Oct 02 @ 07:08 PM EDT

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  1. "Hey idiot Americans, if you can't comprehend a number this high, here's a comparison your tiny dumb brains might be able to handle"

  2. Trout hitting 40 HRs despite missing basically 2 months is just fucking dumb.

  3. He turned down a 5/85 extension (with bonuses that could have pushed it past $100m) with the Rangers, because Scott Boras felt that Gallo could get "Harper money" when he hit the market.

  4. the bad thing about the whole MVP competition is how some people are using it to downplay either Judge or Ohtani. That's not really in keeping with the spirit of their accomplishments.

  5. How the hell did this Dilbert looking mfer end up with two women fighting over him?

  6. Please don’t kill Namor Please don’t kill Namor Please don’t kill Namor

  7. The way the locals treat an allergy tells me they never ran into issues with that. Did their allergic kids all die off before they've reached the age of adolescence before they start to be concerned about allergies??

  8. This sounds very insulting and racist but...allergies are a white people thing.

  9. Can you explain the bigotry? I must have missed it?

  10. They said that real mermaids would be pale and red just like their home colors

  11. I also think Bigfoot may have some aversion to electromagnetic signals hence why they avoid cameras really well. But Patterson and gimlin had an actual film camera

  12. Bro..that would make them even more electro sensitive than birds or bats…

  13. I grew up in Silicon Valley in the 1990s before during and after the dot com boom. Software did drive up prices a bit but it was just another industry. A lot of Silicon Valley had big working class Hispanic/Pacific Islander populations (ie Mountain View, San Jose etc )

  14. There’s a specific type of horrible restaurant that you find in the 2 western time zones quite a bit. And it’s clientele is all overworked computer engineers. It will have minimalist / industrial decor but doesn’t have to look cheap and sloppy. It will have a vague name like Foxtrot or Maypop or DragonFly and it will have a kinda dumb logo they spent a lot of money / time on. The bar will not have the capacity to serve lots of beer at once but they will try and do that with dumb stuff like flites and take home a growler option. Lots of those beers will be kinda hot dirty and tons of them will have way too high ABVs. The food will cater to the man child taste buds of the software engineer. It will be chicken tenders and frozen personal pizzas. We will put a different type of slime / sauce on the chicken tenders and claim that it constitutes a different region. We’ll have Casablanca harissa, Korean bbq, Thai zing, garam masala, but it’ll all just be a massive blob of silicon white meat chicken. We’ll do some dumb shit with the personal pizzas too. We’ll put this thing within scooter distance of their office and they’ll show up in droves to piss their money away every week

  15. Sasquatch Chronicles has several episodes where people allege seeing this, “Spider Walk”. One episode that stands out in my mind was told by a fellow that was visiting his grandparents when he was around 8 or 9. He said it was in rural Mississippi or Louisiana and the neighbors lived fairly close to one another. Anyway there was this older lady that lived across the road and back a little ways. When he was outside after supper, his grandparents came out onto the porch and told him to come back up onto the porch because they were going to watch her feed the monsters. The guy said he had no idea what they were talking about, but he sat there with them for a little while, when he noticed that the old woman had several cats in a metal trap/box. He said the old woman came out and yelled something several times and moved quickly back inside and closed the door. The fellow said I within a matter of minutes, he sees something moving at the edge of the woods. He said that the thing exited the wood line and that initially he thought it was a giant spider. He said it was incredibly agile and then another one exited the woods, but was walking upright. He said that the one that looked like a spider literally creeped in spider form up to the house and went upright at the corner of the house and snatched the metal box up and grabbed the cats and proceeded to walk back towards the wood line w/ the cat while the other one followed it.

  16. Honestly that episode and the one with the lady from England that was near a beach for a work conference are the 2 that if they are lying, they must be pathological because you can legit head the trauma in their voices when the tell their stories. I think many of the stories on there honestly have tons of holes in them, but not these to.

  17. These are common themes across many different cultures. Too many coincidences to say it’s bullshit. Keep in mind, I’m not particularly religious either.

  18. I’d actually say the independence of its kids. Kids here go across boroughs by themselves at like 10. They are much more aware of their surroundings then other kids. It mostly has to with public transport and the way schools are set up. But kids in London or Paris are much less likely to move around the city. And it’s much much more so like this today then when I grew up here

  19. Honestly, something about NYC marketing puts it in a league of its own.

  20. Literally what the fuck. How do two seemingly intelligent people decide to betray their partners of over a decade and ruin their careers? And in public? Like... is this a fetish of theirs? WHAT were they thinking?

  21. I don't know if you know this, but Ned did go to Yale so obviously, he's a genius. Honestly, I don't know why he doesn't go around bragging about it.

  22. The Ivy League schools are responsible for many a deaths.

  23. I understand where you’re coming from but we don’t have to bash one woman’s looks to support another one’s :)

  24. At 10:42 he takes a bite of a pizza slice then Alex immediately proceeds to eat from the same slice

  25. A year ago she gave Ned and Ariel an Uber ride? Am I missing something?

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