Who is the female vocal equivalent of Morgan Freeman?

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  1. He was most likely stealing cause he needed to, not cause he wanted too. People in those situations can be pushed to extremes but I’m glad he was obviously still a very moral person all things considered and the idea of harming you never seemed to have crossed his mind.

  2. Sounds like the dude who pissed off Mike Tyson on that plane. Some people are dumb as fuck

  3. Or the guy who fucked with Charles Barkley.

  4. Half of the time if I used alexa to add something to the shopping cart that isn't basic food items, I check it later and it's a counterfeit item or one of their own Amazon Basics knock-offs.

  5. Seems like an unusually light sentence for someone filming undressed, underage people for sexual reasons.

  6. He was also a virulent racist who refused an audience with Ho Chi Minh, who wanted colonial Vietnam to have some representation in French politics to go with the taxation and colonial plunder happening. Fast forward 40 years

  7. Don't forget deregulating the media which has led directly to the polarization of the population.

  8. Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party had a hand in that.

  9. at the very least he didn't let his wife die from him being stubborn and ignorant. people changing their minds is always a good thing

  10. They change their minds when they're in the hospital with full-blown COVID-19. By then it's too late. It happened over and over again.

  11. Only closed for people who don't want to practice their winter camouflage and SERE skills. Hiding from the rangers can be part of the fun!

  12. They can't give you a ticket if they can't catch you.

  13. Yeah, they do have them super well planned out and streamlined 9x out of 10. Just not nearly as streamlined as I saw there, and in some circumstances there is just only so much you can do... Other thing to keep in mind is that a lot of those facilities are a whole lot more bare bones than you will find most places. It's usually just get it up, have it functional, have it safe, with a whole lot less attention paid to luxuries and cosmetic things.

  14. Not easily. They have to have a massive amount of insulation on every last thing that touches it from the water and aggregate having to be warmed and kept warm (which has to be done nearby), to insanely insulated drums to transport it a short distance, to insulated pump lines... Then they have to build temporary enclosures around where they pour it, and use sometimes dozens of industrial heaters on that one spot depending on the size. Which those things burn like 4-5 gallons of diesel an hour, so if you have a large enough area you're burning literally thousands of gallons of diesel a day... Insanely loud, insanely hectic, smells terrible, and the environment will kill you a stones throw away.

  15. So you're cool with kids' minds being warped by failed ideologies that will eventually cause destruction in their lives and the lives of others. Agree to disagree.

  16. Destruction! Oh my God! The American dream a smoking ruin! Destroyed by communists! Kshama Sawant cackles with glee.

  17. Careful what you wish for. Trump was awful but we are fortunate that he is also a complete idiot.

  18. I've been thinking that very thing lately. I haven't payed a lot of attention to him so as far as I know at the moment DeSantis isn't the loose cannon that Trump is. If that's the case it makes him far more dangerous. Bush was dumb, Trump was crazy, DeSantis has the potential to be pure evil should he win.

  19. It's really racist and problematic to ask questions like that. Total dog whistle. What's next, are you going to say that all lives matter?

  20. There is a reason why most "free speech" platforms didn't make it. Moderation is a necessity if you want advertisers. All Elon is doing is hastening the end of Twitter and his fortune will bleed away.

  21. The only way to get banned on twitter at the moment is to personally bother the big baby in charge.

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