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  1. 11/22/63 is the only book to ever make me literally shed tears.

  2. Yes, however I believe it wouldn’t have looked as cool. So I used the Axe from the Movie

  3. Whoa! Nice. Is that a mirror image, or did you get both arms done?

  4. It is a mirror image! I think it’s the coolest part of the tattoo

  5. Thank you son, now go and wash up. Dinner is just about ready. I made gnocchi

  6. While all decent songs there's waaaay better. No love for anything pre-Clayman. Clayman doesn't even get any love lol. It's all new-school IF songs. Whoracle, TJR/BAI and Colony are the superior albums yet no love. Did 17 year olds choose this list?

  7. I’m simply putting in what the people vote for, it’s a community project. I do agree we should have some older songs to showcase the older In Flames but that’s if people vote for it. I’m not gonna force songs into it if they aren’t majority vote

  8. This definitely has to be on here so I’m glad someone said it lol

  9. Are we really starting off a Greatest Hits Album of In Flames with “The Quiet Place” ?

  10. That's what the people voted for, I think it's a great song and a decent choice.

  11. Wait how are you doing this. One at a time? We have to vote 16 times. Why not take the top 16 of the post

  12. Just doing what worked in the Foo Sub, I think it gives everything a fair chance this way. How many people actually go and look at the comments as a whole. Also it shows what’s been added so we don’t get repeats

  13. And if you see one you like you can upvote it to have a higher chance of being picked

  14. This is tough but I've got to go with Embody the Invisible!

  15. The endless cycle of running back and forth just to get a single hit in

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