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  1. If they’re unmissable then why do we need this list?

  2. Sony and Microsoft were not considered cool in gaming culture.

  3. I can't remember the source of the quote, but "the sign of a developed city isn't one where every poor person has a car, it is one where even the rich choose public transit."

  4. Transit lines should be perpendicular. that way you only need to go on one left right line then one up down line.

  5. I'd say its best for college students. Most of them share a commonality that they're more nomadic in changing their location every semester for school and internships so they want less to move around. Also they spend a lot of time on campus so they can play on campus. Finally you don't want to lug around a big gaming laptop to campus everyday so stadia is good to pick up and play.

  6. People who move regularly should avoid investing in a Stadia library since their games might be unplayable and they’ll need to rebuy them on console every other time they move.

  7. I agree with you, you can see the tumor with naked eyes but you can’t distinguish between tumor types 😊 and yeah these type of tools are just for helping doctors making decisions.

  8. by these types of tools you mean not your tool right? don’t make it seem like your tool does something cutting edge or accurate.

  9. anyone could make this in about an hour with no experience. there are super easy apps that allow you to create image categorization models with super simple UIs.

  10. Google thinks it’s the king of using a Minimum Viable Product strategy except it consistently launches products with unviable feature sets.

  11. Soltero was handed Google's pile of messaging apps in the wake of Zoom's meteoric rise during the COVID-19 pandemic, which Google completely missed out on. Google had already mastered group video chat nine years earlier with the 2011 launch of Hangouts video chat, but Google's absentee leadership and constant need to churn communication products meant no decent video chat product was ready for 2020's explosive video chat demand. By April 2020, The New York Times was writing about how Google and other rivals had completely lost to Zoom and relayed this incredible anecdote from a Google meeting:

  12. This part of the article is wonderful. Apparently a statement by a gay rights group (Helem): "perplexing why, in a country whose citizens have no electricity, no medication, no access to clean water, and no social security, and 30% unemployment the minister thought to prioritize LGBTQ events as the biggest threat to national security."

  13. it sounds like the government is afraid of its people so it’s trying to make its people afraid of each other.

  14. Exactly how is this pack more or less gay than the previous one?

  15. did anything suggest it was more gay than the previous one? where?

  16. I have to laugh, remember all those times Jobs would get on stage, and be like "and you can bet we patented it!" And now qualcomm who patented and licenses this technology has forced Apples hand. They probably charge a percentage of the device sold, which was litigated and proven legal, and Apple doesn't like that. The thing about the percentage thing is that it caps out so if they sold a $10,000 iPhone it wouldn't still be 3% of that, etc. It also allows makers of cheaper devices get access to the best modems at a low cost.

  17. He started patenting everything earlier in his career after getting screwed by a parent troll.

  18. they didn’t say it was called that in 1882

  19. Even if I was suspicious I’m not going to be the asshole that accidentally accuses some fat guy of being two people.

  20. hey boss, i accused a fat guy of being two people and they actually were!

  21. because no one in their right mind would say to an obese person “i’m sorry but i need to check you to make sure you don’t have a second person hiding under there” and risk deeply insulting some just to make a few bucks. If i was the CEO i would have any employee that that said that to a customer fired.

  22. Is this staged? Even if so, wtf are they staying in the middle of the road as if there were no cars? Wtf is the grandma accepting to be part of their stoopid staged video and staying in the middle of the damn road??

  23. The sign falling looks like VFX. The cars about to hit the lady at the beginning could have been filmed earlier. for the rest of the video, there could be a barricade to the left out of frame?

  24. Impacted? Impacted how? This article doesn’t tell you anything.

  25. So...they must provide an French language option? Or does this mean it will be the default language for games coming out of Quebec?

  26. The article doesn’t even say. I don’t get it.

  27. don’t criticize their spelling when they message you. it won’t help their spelling and will make them feel like you’ll just criticize them for the smallest thing when they come to you

  28. This is explicitly addressed in that scene. Ellie says "While I was unconscious you downloaded my thoughts my memories... This place... Pensacola?"

  29. That sounds a lot like when people describe heaven to a child. “It has your favourites places and people.”

  30. Funny but pancakes are easier to make. You just microwave them.

  31. Employees complained about treatment during a life threatening storm and leaders ran a smear campaign against them.

  32. But but but I was assured that Google is minutes away from shutting down Stadia just like the folks saying it have been saying for over a year at this point

  33. Stadia should receive many games with the feature of "emulation" of windows that is in the final stage of development !!

  34. they’ve given no indication that a windows emulator is coming to stadia. the presentation invited people to create their own and there was no mention of it becoming a feature or tool.

  35. It’s not a contradiction. It’s just a line he uses to demean someone and suggest they’re obsessed with him.

  36. I doubt the union members would say no to Starbucks offering to reimburse workers to get abortions.

  37. they won’t but the union has to re-negotiate the contract

  38. It would probably be a fast negotiation.

  39. There are people who don’t like blockbuster movies. They might prefer lesser known foreign films or art house films. They might say something like “i don’t like big budget movies” but saying “i don’t like the best movies” is both ridiculous to the war and extremely common.

  40. Yet another case of good people losing good paying jobs because some shareholders didn’t gain enough profit last quarter, never mind how the business is overall.

  41. are you basing this entirely on assumptions?

  42. I'm so sick of the goddamn doom saying from EVERYWHERE regarding stadia. From day one we've been told by the gaming community that it was dead in the water, gaming press couldn't help but shit all over it 24/7 for the years straight and people wonder why Google seems to be losing interest in it?

  43. It was poorly received by both the gaming community and press and you’re blaming…the gaming community and press?

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