1. The metrocentre isn't that bad is it? Metro goes to Gateshead and it's just one bus from there.

  2. The bus costs more than my metro ticket. Would much rather do it on one fare and a MetroCentre stop would probably be in either A or B zone so it would be affordable to get there.

  3. This is rather interesting to me, as I have no clue about the sports popularity outside of North and South America.

  4. Televised? I'm not too sure, popular enough to keep these games going I think. As for playing it's decently big. A lot of outside help for baseball in Britain gets funnelled straight to London, but there's two major organisations operating leagues here. There's the British Baseball League in the north and the British Baseball Federation which covers mostly the Midlands and the South. Most leagues have multiple teams per organisation (four for Sheffield, four in Liverpool, two in Newcastle). The biggest issue is that travel is usually 1-3 hours both ways for some.

  5. Big news for Asanoyama fans. He's lost 1 match in each of the last two basho but looking strong. We'll see how Juryo goes. He'll be 29 by the time he returns to Makuuchi so he's gonna have to work quickly to get his Ozeki rank back.

  6. As long as you don't talk about Takakeisho, r Sumo is mostly civil ("mostly" is doing some heavy lifting lol)

  7. Also just so long as you don't talk about modernizing things in any way. Or talk about Abi right now. Or mention women's sumo. Or make jokes and get a warning from the mods there. Or talk smack about any of the fan favorites like Ura or Tochinoshin. Or be a newbie asking a basic question about sumo.

  8. Tochinoshin fans are something else, I'll say that much

  9. With Terunofuji out until after the Haru basho Takakeisho has two major chances to prove himself. I think he's gonna continue his double digit streak at the very least.

  10. I believe Takakeisho is 5'7 in the Imperial measurement system, so he's taller then me by a good 4 inches. Yet for some reason, I just see him as so small. I have no idea why😂😅.

  11. I think it's because he's so wide, it makes him look shorter. His opponents at the top are all around 6' so that might add to the effect lol

  12. From your wording it seems like the poll is about rikishi popularity in just this basho. How about the entire 2022?

  13. This is for the whole of 2022, hence all of this year's Makuuchi debuts being listed despite some not appearing in the top division this basho. It's just easy to do it after this basho given it's the last of the year and gives them time to collect data before 2023 starts.

  14. Kagayaki can also be a dick. He's done similar bullying of wrestlers like Enho for a matta. Full on shoved him out of the ring once, and it fel intentional.

  15. It's funny that you specified Enho here because Kagayaki and Enho are childhood friends

  16. Too bad for him because it’s gonna be a shodai zensho yusho

  17. I swear all Shodai has to do to do well is to stop standing up straight at the tachiai

  18. What is winning with a good result? Can you win with a bad result? Does a good result mean if he does well but doesn't win the basho? It sounds kinda vague. I don't think Takakeisho should be a Yokozuna yet. I think the bar should be higher.

  19. Good result meaning a yusho with at least 13 wins, although in this case it could mean 14 or 15.

  20. The opposite would be zenpai. Hopefully Terutsuyoshi will become a Juryo mainstay, I'd hate to see him hang up the mawashi.

  21. I think the process of changing the culture is going to take a good while. Nishonoseki-oyakata seems to have a good attitude when it comes to stable-life which is encouraging, but I doubt things will start to get better across the JSA until the current over-30s have retired.

  22. Curious if this is a Mongolian thing or are Japanese Rikishi getting passes?

  23. While it's true that most of the Mongolian rikishi hang out together, I don't think either of those are true. Alcohol consumption is encouraged throughout sumo as a way to gain weight and many rikishi have had to quit drinking due to negative effects be that alcoholism or physical health issues. And many Japanese rikishi have seen consequences recently (e.g. Ryuden, Asanoyama, the Taka twins).

  24. well yeah, of course that gets said a lot, when you only have one trick in your bag, and when simply existing makes you pant like a fucking magikarp.

  25. Yeah, but when you stay as Ozeki for 18 tournament in a row there is a reason to use that 1 trick. It works.

  26. Not just staying at Ozeki, but if he wins tomorrow he'll have put together 33 wins, an Ozeki run in it's own right.

  27. "One trick pony" they say as their favourite rikishi win by yorikiri 50% of the time

  28. Kinda? Perhaps it's a case of survivor bias (there's definitely a lot of awful pop country from the 60s and 70s). What's the absolute most popular now tends to be watered down to be more universally appealing like boyfriend country. But there's a bunch of highly successful modern pop country artists out there like Lainey Wilson, Hailey Whitters, Ernest, etc. Their albums are full of great songs, but there's definitely one or two that are made for radio airplay, bland and tropey.

  29. Survivor's bias plus rose-tinted glasses. One of the biggest hits of 1970 was Lynn Anderson's "Rose Garden," which sounds more like Neil Diamond than Patsy Cline, let alone Hank Williams. Waylon Jennings might not have been so popular if there wasn't an establishment for him to rail against.

  30. Lynn Anderson has some great, well-written straightup country but it's her pop-country (still great) that charted best, both in the country charts and in the regular charts. Same goes for Skeeter Davis, to the point where most of her 60s albums after The End of the World were basically pop records with a hint of country. I find the initial comment weird coming from Tyler Mahan Coe given he talks a lot about the origins of the Nashville Sound and his distaste for what Chet Atkins did to it but it's been a while since I've listened to Cocaine & Rhinestones.

  31. I still find it wild that Tabuchi came to the US because he was connected to Roy Acuff, literally the dude responsible for making Nashville the hub of country music

  32. Chris waited on Elon Musk once when he used to work in a castle

  33. How is he making people pay for freedom of speech? What does a blue checkmark have to do with freedom of speech?

  34. The blue checkmark gets you priority in replies and feeds with the intent that it'll be really difficult to find non-verified comments. As for your second point, the $8 gives you very little outside of reply priority, making it basically worthless. And people were used to not paying for using the service, and no other major social media has a similar model outside of Discord Nitro which is also unpopular.

  35. Does he still do it I thought he quit? Or at least he said as much on the podcast although I’m binging through them all and I’m on episode 31/6/2019 so I’m not exactly caught up

  36. He said he used to smoke regularly but that he stopped a few years ago. He's had one or two cigarettes at events since then and he doesn't see the appeal at all anymore. I think he said all this on his podcast maybe 2-3 months ago, not sure.

  37. Ya know, people always make it seem like the NPB and KBO are these low tier beer leagues for washed up players, but look how much energy you can see in this video. From a player's perspective, I bet playing in front of these crowds is just as exciting as being in the MLB. The KBO looks like a really fun league to follow.

  38. It's just a different style of ball altogether in NPB that a lot of ex-MLB players can't adjust to, even though it's lower level. There was a video by GaijinBaseball (I think) about how the idea that ex-MLB players will rake in NPB isn't really true at all.

  39. I said George Jones in the mid-70s in a different thread, but it's probably Roger Miller's first four records. "Private John Q", "Kansas City Star", and "My Uncle Used to Love Me But She Died" are some of the best examples of comedy/novelty music, and his tearjerkers were fresh and innovative like "In the Summertime" or "The Last Word in Lonesome is Me".

  40. I think it was SumoFollower, back when Hakuho had just retired, pointed out how his suits were all mismatched and then a few bashos later that his wife must have fixed his wardrobe because he finally started looking great.

  41. But he doesn't look like Meisei. Or is that just me? And I also think he's a bit hot. But again, maybe also just me?

  42. Yeah, they don't look very similar, especially facewise. Myogiryu is one of the most recognisable rikishi for me. He has a very tight physique like Takarafuji, whereas Meisei is a bit pudgier.

  43. I’d like to get into it but don’t know where to start? Are there any channels or tournament names I I should look for?

  44. There's a tournament every odd month so the next one is in November. NattoSumo is good because they post every top division bout in one video for each day of the tournament and they have graphics that show information about wrestlers and their performances.

  45. fuck hasan, he played someone’s video in full without providing any commentary and then when the person who made the video complained he called her a nazi

  46. Worse than that he let the video play while he was out of the room, his chair was reacting more than him

  47. Haven't watched Your Lie in April but "Your Name" is excellent and fits well into that category. Just because it's sad, doesn't mean it's unfitting for people not usually into anime.

  48. Yeah, it's "Anime for Beginners", not "Emotions for Beginners". People who haven't watched anime before have more than likely watched something sad lol

  49. A little bit of slack, sure, but bro's wearing it like a medallion lol

  50. I'd buy them if their pants came longer than 32". I've got a 35" inseam so 32s look silly on me.

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