Better Call Saul S06E13 - [Series Finale] "Saul Gone" - LIVE-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. Yeah I think this is another case of people eating up a preseason performance really. I could be wrong of course, but there’s a reason why guys like Sam Ehlinger can play really well in preseason but not get a real shot at the starting spot.

  2. Nathan Peterman is a preseason GOAT. He legitimately won the QB competition during Allen's rookie year. Peterman can do fantastic in practice and in game situations when defenses are completely vanilla but he can't compete when players playing at at 100%.

  3. Well that's just like... your opinion man. I think it's fine. Nothing special, but pretty inoffensive. If the purpose is to create football music, it has achieved its goal. Wouldn't sound out of place in Madden.

  4. We have a gently used Jake Kumerow who could probably be had for a low low price

  5. It's not entirely unprecedented to trade a QB within division. The Patriots traded Drew Bledsoe to us and we still missed the playoffs while he was here.

  6. Yeah until the “rapist” chants can’t be ignored on the broadcast

  7. NFL needs villains for their antics "on the field" not for being sick fucks off of it.

  8. I for one am sad I won't get the opportunity to yell "You sick fuck" like Jags fans.

  9. I want to give a shoutout to the 2020 Patriots - Jarrett Stidham vs. a broken shouldered Cam Newton. How Bill got that team to 7 wins is beyond me.

  10. Seriously any other coach and that squad has maybe 2 wins. The fact they got 7 is one of Bill Belichick's greatest achievements.

  11. I'm not trying to be a homer but I really feel their evaluation of baker is silly. All the reports out of camp said he WAS moving the ball effectively.

  12. I really don't think Baker vs. Darnold is anywhere close to as pathetic as the others on the list. The only thing pathetic about it is that they made it a competition.

  13. Sammy Watkins is an elite receiver for the 4 games that he's healthy a season. Then the hammy goes whammy and down to the basement he goes.

  14. All-life Buffalonian (except that one stint in North Carolina), who's parents came from Queens and the island, and who's extended family very much still lives there, I take the compromised position that Western, Central, Northern, et al are all sub regions of 'Upstate'

  15. That's how I view it. Upstate is overall very different than what is below Westchester. You can also split up Upstate into different subregions which each have their own unique qualities and cultures.

  16. I don't see a path for any UDFA to make the Bills final 53. Odds are some of our lower draft picks might not make the roster. Talent is that deep.

  17. A dolphins fan from NY? I've lost all hope for humanity.

  18. My Dad's stepfather/step family are from Rochester and are all Dolphins fans. None of them have a connection to the state of Florida, never went to school there and don't have any family that lives there. I think they just hopped on the bandwagon in the 70s and never left.

  19. I say good riddance to the taxi companies in Albany. Uber/Lyft allowing me to rate drivers as well as knowing that they are actually on their way is such a relief compared to the sketchy cabs that may or may not show up or put you in sketchy situations.

  20. To be fair, I tend to think highly of people that invite me to lunch too.

  21. Wilson will return from injury to triumphantly deny us the Flacco revenge game.

  22. I doubt it. 4 weeks brings us just up to week 1 and its unlikely they have him start without practicing for a month.

  23. Brought to you by the 5 dollar Bacon Whopper Junior at BK. Oh fuck right off

  24. Thats an odd partnership... does 50 Cent have much of a brand anymore? The last I remember he "retired" after losing a sales competition to Kanye and has been irrelevant for more than a decade.

  25. Khalil Shakir has earned a roster spot and frankly I think will be our WR4. He has the flexibility to do both slot and boundary.

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