1. SS: They want you to stop taking in one of the most beneficial nutrients or body needs. Protein is in every healthy cell in your body, so stop eating it.

  2. Are you using a flange mount to connect the arm to the stepper or using friction fit to press the 3d printed arm?

  3. It’s friction fit, but I’m currently looking into a design change to add a 4:1 gear reduction between the shaft and the arm. But I’ll also look into flange mounts or something other then a malleable plastic friction fit

  4. I’m starting to think it’s the wrong motor for the job, I have two of the same (longruner 17HD4800H-22B) steppers and they both have the same problem. They are strong enough to lift the 3D printed arms even with some added resistance, but they both have a bit of wobble and wiggle to them. This becomes a problem when lifting the arm in the video to its full 180°, when it passes the vertical point, it drops a bit which won’t help with accuracy.

  5. Double check the voltage you are putting into the stepper motors with the on board pot on the drivers would be my only guess. I'm not good with steppers though

  6. Didn’t even know there was a pot on the drivers, I’ll mess around with it. The cnc shield has an input of 12-36v and I’ve messed with that to no effect but I’m excited to try the pots

  7. If I lower the delayMicroseconds(10000) to (1000) or even (500) it is very quiet, but aggressively fast for what I need it for. Is there any way to achieve a slower movement without the loud noise and intense vibrations?

  8. Personally, before purchasing anything whether from online sources or even at Walmart or something, I always think about if I can make it myself, and if I could how long it would take and if it’s worth it or not.

  9. How did you make the texture of the top? It looks matte like.

  10. I too am searching for the top texture technique

  11. I too am searching for the top texture technique

  12. I too am searching for the top texture

  13. How much to buy one, seriously. I could send you my knife, leatherman and flashlight I use to get a good fit

  14. Future reference, on most phones if you press and hold the 0 (zero) button up have the option to use the ° degrees symbol

  15. I’ve printed this before and I hope it turns out well! It takes a bit to fit all the pieces together and get the right bottle for the walls and what not

  16. Absolutely stunning. I’ve been thinking about doing something similar but the thing holding me back is not knowing how to get a flat finish on the epoxy verses a shiny one. Any tips? Appreciated very much

  17. I am currently interviewing to work for a company called Icon in Austin Texas that does this. I’d be a 3D printing Technician, I’ll let you know how it goes lol

  18. Yeah I've got my raspberry pi set up, just haven't put it on the printer yet, but my idea was that I didn't want/ sometimes can't have my computer on while the printer is running. Thanks for the options and advice!

  19. Computer running…. You mean the pi? I recommend a pi with octoprint. Why can’t you leave it on?

  20. I guess I'm not understanding how the pi will solve my problem. With the pi, would I still have to plug in/out the sd card to load files and all that? Would I be able to send the file wirelessly to the pi from my pc, and then be able to turn my pc off?

  21. All renters have said this line, I’ve said it twice myself. Lol

  22. A few things I noticed with your prints: the line across thanos’ shoulders is at the same exact height as the kind across the left owns forehead. And through the prints there are similar lines that aren’t as prominent as the one I just mentioned, but they are definitely noticeable. I’d check your z rod for and binding, search YouTube for “ender 3 z bind”, and also calculate and calibrate your proper e steps, also found on YouTube.

  23. I don’t have much of a clue, but I know for sure that it’s not bad leveling. Your brim/raft looks perfect and all the way up until it fails looks fantastic. A leveling issue would be noticeable right away

  24. You may be right about this story specifically, but it is known that Friday evening news is where they put news that they want to die.

  25. Awesome glad everyone is on the same page

  26. Nov 4 2021 will just be another drab Thursday. Not hump day, not payday, just another Thursday. . .

  27. Woah man I get paid on Thursday’s you better watch your mouth

  28. Wouldn't it just fall backwards or forwards with the slightest touch

  29. It hasn’t yet, it barely even wiggles. Still thinking about reinforcing it though. The mount consists of 2 different pieces, both of which are screwed down to the table, and the bigger piece is such a tight fit that it doesn’t allow any movement, the screws would need to fail for anything to happen

  30. We definitely drop another zero or two if Robinhood adds the army

  31. That’s a lot of salt, might not want to show your dietary specialist this picture.

  32. Look in your slicer for either shell, skin, or top/bottom thickness or something along those lines. They’re probably set to 0

  33. So what would be a good number for it? (It is zero)

  34. If you’re using cura just restore it to default by clicking the emblem to the left of the number.

  35. I'm sick of having to treat a giant swath of the public as if they are toddlers. Let them kill themselves with dewormer

  36. Remember the part in the episode where they both talked about how insane it is to want people to get sick and die? Crazy

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