1. I've found the Duran to be an excellent counter to the American Propaganda that is offered by the MSM.

  2. How long before the cracks also become apparent to the looting oligarchs?

  3. They already know. That's why they started this war in the first place.

  4. I'm extremely suspicious this wasn't intended to round up undesirables for detention as a chilling effect on the masses.

  5. Is the implication this way of war has been a continuation since way back then?

  6. Actually I was rather dubious about it. As he seemed to be acting for the good of the dems, not his fellow workers.

  7. Much like US politics, you can't ascend to the top unless you ritually molest little kids.

  8. Yes, I'd heard it's the glue which binds them together. Weird creatures, some people.

  9. I think I would be better as the sidekick. Choose a DB or CE regular to be Dr Who. Who would you pick?

  10. Slim? Or Ragged Trousers? Sideeply? Since you don't want a female.

  11. They would have been my picks too. Could have Dianne, Catrin, M. Boot, Puffin, or Maria along as well. You pick the cast out of our list.

  12. With all of them board, the aliens will in comparison be a little light relief.

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