1. Brady isn't a trash talker patriots stay humble and disciplined. Mahomes and kc are clowns when they won today

  2. Brady was an "old" man before twitter really became a thing. I'm sure he would of acted like a clown had social media been what is is now in his early 20s.

  3. Brady is a boring guy doesn't matter if it was his 20s. He is disciplined and never would do this

  4. Prob pick a minor and do some of those classes, and check all the prerequisites and see if there are any classes you can take without those. Advisor will be best tho.

  5. Candy and Davy "Duckie" Warner soapy rools on..Candy and Newscorp. Candy long term cheap huckster/publicity tart...the refrain allways being in the current vogue,poir Dave..protect my family from emotional hurt.. the hypocrisy is sickeningly orchestrated. If she wished for private anonymity for her kids, just stop generating media controversy Dickie even used his kids as human shield flying back from SA, a miilionaire coulda put em on a different flight wuth wife and security and turned up on his own. Candy has in the past offered the English TCCB legal advice re legal/moral precedent of Dickie punching Root, there Stokes falls into same category for defending two gay guys ..allways Dickie been dun wrong.

  6. One of the reasons ICC did the whole ‘revamp’ of US cricket was to get cricket into 2028 Olympics.

  7. That was india's bad luck. They should have won the final.

  8. nah nz was more impressive, won in 3 days even despite all the washouts and extra day. nz pace attack was crazy in english conditions.

  9. an india vs australia final at a neutral venue (england) would be amazing

  10. oval will suit india better than lords. aussies would destroy india at lords.

  11. must win at scg basically but even then its praying that smudge becomes the don in india

  12. as an american i dont see it really. it has to be a staple in high schools and baseball will be a huge competition. most just want to play am. football. baseball isn’t really played anyways as basketball, tennis, lacrosse is more popular

  13. Tennis and Lacrosse are definitely not more popular than baseball overall. Not even close. US Open tennis barely averaged over 1 million viewers. The Yankees themselves averaged like half that.

  14. Yes the MLB is more popular. But I was talking about in high schools

  15. India might be huge. The most attended matches of the T20 WC were India's ones, not Australia's. Especially that Ind vs Pak game which sold out.

  16. 2018 series wasn't that huge tho. Indians are into white ball only. Aussies embrace the tests

  17. So bad that only 65,000 people attended, how is cricket still a thing?

  18. pity there isnt 80k today, great day of test cricket

  19. Can't I say the same thing about Mbappe or Giroud. They are humans with their own shit and emotions and maybe they had valid ones to do whatever they did. Maybe Giroud were in a shit mood and didn't feel like talking. Who gives a shit really.

  20. bad mood after winning the opener of a fifa wc convincingly?

  21. Do they not have an unlimited amount of these shirts? Why would they say no?

  22. i mean mbappe gave his jersey to hakimi, so giving a spare jersey isn’t a problem right?

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